10 healthy and easy tips to improve our lives

Who does not fight every day to try to improve their life, and be a little happier? Sometimes it can be easy to get it, but in short, the truth is that in most situations it is always difficult to become one.

Why? We live in a stressed society, in a society that prioritizes material over emotions and feelings. Therefore, over the years, it is normal that cases of anxiety, stress, and especially depression, increase in a dangerous way. To which has been added an extra situation: the current financial, economic and labor crisis that the world has been experiencing for many years.

But do you want and want to be really happier? And improve your life? Today it is useful to recall a really interesting list published some years ago by Harvard University and Cambridge, where a total of 20 tips were collected to improve our quality of life, especially of those people who want simple and easy changes to continue to be able, among other aspects, to have a good health and a healthy lifestyle.

Basically they are simple and easy to follow health styles, which nevertheless give us a considerable number of virtues to improve our health and our life in general.

Healthy tips to improve our lives

Here we summarize some of the most interesting issues:

1. Take a glass of orange juice (or even more) daily.

In this way we will increase the iron in our body twice or more.

2. Coffee with cinnamon.

It is proven that taking half a teaspoon of cinnamon a day can help us to keep our cholesterol levels considered normal, and to regulate our blood sugar levels.

3. Change white bread for whole wheat bread.

As we know, wholemeal bread is a food rich in fiber, zinc and iron. If we eat its bark, it contains pronylysina, which encourages enzymes to fight colon cancer.

4. Chew the vegetables for longer.

According to the Institute of Food Research, apparently if we chew vegetables longer we increase the amount of anticancer chemicals released in the body.

5. Adopt the 80% rule.

It consists of leaving approximately 20% of the food on the plate. As has been noted, by not eating as much as we usually eat at each meal (especially in those who are overweight), we would avoid gastrointestinal disorders, lose weight, avoid diabetes and prolong our lives.

6. Take more oranges a day.

Reduces the likelihood of lung cancer by 30%.

7. Eat tomatoes daily or sometimes a week.

The tomato has lycopene, an antioxidant that is believed to inhibit and even reverse the growth of tumors.

8. Perform activities that stimulate the mind and strengthen your memory.

Doing puzzles, the well-known sudoku or simply reading can stimulate our mind, in such a way that we will also help strengthen our memory.

9. Enjoy a cup of hot tea.

Besides relaxing in times of stress and being ideal for daily drinking, green tea -for example- can help us prevent cancer, and even decrease the risk of coronary heart disease.

10. Think positively.

As has been proven, up to 12 more years can live those people who take life in an optimistic way.

Any excuse not to follow, if possible, some of these interesting, easy and simple tips? Remember: they will improve your life. This article is published for informational purposes only. It can not and should not replace the consultation with a Physician. We advise you to consult your Trusted Doctor.

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