10 Japanese superstitions that are the most curious

Japanese culture and society is one of the most advanced in the world. Almost all your GDP is based on the technological market through leading companies for example are Sony, Toshiba, Nikon, Hyundai or Nintendo among many others.

In the social aspect, they are not left behind either. Tokyo has been and is considered one of the safest capitals in the world. In fact, in this city it is very common that certain days do not occur even the slightest crime. Something really surprising if we also take into account that the capital of Japan has more than 30 million inhabitants.

However, although it may be thought otherwise, the country of the Rising Sun is also characterized as being the most superstitious through certain myths and beliefs that we will be detailing through this article.

10 superstitions arrived directly from Japan

1. Number 4 and its analogy with death

The number 4 is considered by all the Japanese as a kind of cursed number. The reason? Because the kanji pronunciation of four is pronounced as "shi" which at the same time means death. Hence, there is not even a fourth floor in most hospitals, government buildings or schools throughout the country.

2. Doors should not be oriented northwest

If you go to Japan, sooner or later you will notice that the doors are not oriented towards the northwest. This is because if they are built in this direction, we will be called the "Oni" (鬼) a demon typical of Japanese mythology and folklore.

3. Your horoscope is based on blood groups

The horoscope does not exist as we know it in Japan. The "bad" or "good" luck is based on the blood group of each person. In fact, it is very normal to see the predictions for each blood type in a very original way on the daily news or newspapers.

4. Never pin chopsticks on food

If we eat the two chopsticks during the meal, it is very likely that they will look at us very badly. This should only be done at funerals and that is why it is very bad to do it outside of funerals since it is like tempting death. Nor should you pass meat, rice or fish with chopsticks because this is exactly what is done by taking the cremated remains and then placing them in another urn.

5. Never cut your nails at night

If you do, you will be destined to lie completely dead with your parents on their deathbed. The truth is that this superstition has become one of the darkest beliefs that cover all of Japan.

6. If you are nervous, write the person kanji in the palm of your hand

One of the tactics most used by the Japanese when they are nervous and suffer stress at work. To feel better, they just have to write the kanji of person in Japanese (人) and do as they swallow it three times in a row.

7. Do not write anyone's name in red

This bright color is also associated with death (perhaps by blood). Therefore, if you sometimes write the name of any person in red, it is like being directly wishing death. So be careful with this.

8. Save your thumb if you see a hearse passing by

This is because thumb translates literally as "father finger". Hence, it is very important to "protect" him from death. Otherwise, it is possible for your parents to pass away to a better life when you least expect it.

9. Never take pictures of graves

So you will only get to disturb the dead that lie there. And if you annoy them, they may take you with you sooner or later.

10. The crow is a symbol of bad fario

As in the West with black cats, Japan considers ravens as carriers of bad luck. It is even very common to see the Japanese flee from these birds because they believe that they will bring bad luck in their business and life in general.

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