10 mental disorders that are completely unknown

Our mind is a constant hotbed of ideas and thoughts of all kinds. Some of them can be as beneficial as the feeling of love corresponded or happiness after having achieved our goals or objectives.

However, there are others that can be very dark and enigmatic. The worst of the matter is when many times people do not know that they are suffering at first hand and therefore do not have the means to deal with these disorders. In one way or another, next we will tell you the 10 mental disorders really unknown by society.

10 mental illnesses that are actually little known


Erotomania is to conceive as an absolute truth that someone is fully in love with us, especially those who are famous or are a celebrity in their field.

Faced with this situation, any signal that these people send, they will take as an irrefutable proof of love. But the thing does not end here. Many of the people who suffer from this disorder do not accept a "no" in response and will do the impossible to get that supposed and fictitious love.

Adele syndrome

People who suffer from this disorder have a completely irresistible attraction to love. They can not live without a partner who loves them and they process love and love because otherwise their life would be meaningless.


Also known as Quasimodo syndrome, people who suffer from this psychological disorder suffer from all kinds of intrusive thoughts due to a strong physical defect suffered from their childhood.

Lack of self esteem and they have sociability problems because they do not want to show themselves in front of others.


This disorder is similar to amnesia but with many more nuances. People who have cryptomnesia are not able to discern many times between reality and fiction.

Therefore, they never know if what they have dreamed during the night has been part of their real life, or simply it is an unreal and meaningless dream.


This disorder is also known as Alice in Wonderland syndrome. And as you can intuit, everyone who suffers has a wrong perception of all the elements and objects that surround it. They therefore have a distorted view of reality, something that can cause them stress and depression.


This disorder basically deals with the fact that the person in question suffers from a kind of delirium that turns her into a being willing to power and airs of grandeur of a mere completely exacerbated. It is practically believed the god of the universe and therefore are narcissistic beings by nature.

Napoleon Bonaparte or Adolf Hitler are good examples of this disorder.

Dissociative identity disorder

Multiple personality disorder or dissociative identity usually appears at a very early age when the child has suffered trauma and psychological abuse in a systematic way.

One way he had to protect himself from these attacks was simply to accept that someone else was suffering in his place, thus reducing suffering. Without a doubt one of the most surprising disorders that exist.

Obsessive compulsive disorder

The OCD or obsessive-compulsive disorder It is usually very close to stress and anxiety. Most people who suffer from this anomaly can have all kinds of obsessions or obsessive thoughts that often lack meaning.

However, if they can not fulfill what their mind proposes, then this situation leads them to a considerable anxiety, affecting their mood and personality. They can even go a step further, distorting reality and everything around them through these obsessive thoughts. This article is published for informational purposes only. It can not and should not replace the consultation with a Psychologist. We advise you to consult your trusted Psychologist.

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