10 phrases that you must eliminate to be a little happier

Throughout our day to day we may verbalize sentences that are only going to undermine our confidence and self-esteem. The worst of all is that many times we do not realize it. And we do not fall that only serve to be less happy both short and long term.

Would you like to know what they are? If so, throughout the next article we will tell you so that you can become much more optimistic and positive.

10 phrases that we should never pronounce to be happier

"I can not, I should not" 

The truth is that it is impossible that there is so much negativity within the same sentence. If from the beginning you put obstacles and barriers to our goals and objectives, you will be bound to fail. If by any circumstance at that time you can not, it is best to say: "I'll wait for a more appropriate moment. "

"I do not know"

Even a server like me uses this phrase quite a few days a week. And over the years I have realized that it is useless. When saying "I dont know", We are closing the doors to possible solutions that are often within our reach and that are sometimes easy to carry out. But out of sheer laziness or laziness, we do not have the initiative to take action.

"I need you"

An authentic classic within the romantic movies of Hollywood. However, over time the meaning has been misinterpreted. In short, nobody "needs" anyone to live and be happy. If we simply want to show our partner that we love her, it will be enough to tell her "I love you"Or "I would like to spend this day with you". Easy, right?

"What a bore!"

Who has not felt plunged into an eternal boredom on a Friday afternoon or a weekend. It is quite normal. But neither is it beneficial to make it a routine. In the middle of the information and internet age, we have a wide range of possibilities to satisfy our curiosity or learn a new language without leaving home.

 "I'm incompetent"

It is obvious that there will be areas that give us better than others. However, we should not whip ourselves with this hard phrase either. It will only make us feel worse. It is better to say, "I dedicate myself to other things " or "I'll keep trying to improve little by little."

"This has been a failure"

It seems that the world is coming down every time we say this phrase. The "failures" are part of our lives when it comes to achieving our most ambitious goals. Hence, faced with any unexpected error or adversity, we have to leave more reinforced. Failure can help us improve and then taste the honeys of success.

"It's very ugly / I do not like anything"

The concept of beauty has evolved over time. It is a very subjective term that depends on the tastes of each person. With this we do not tell you that you can not express your opinion when something is of your displeasure. But there are much more constructive ways of saying it.

"You're a little weird"

Another of the most ambiguous phrases that exist. We as people are equal before the law. But then in other areas, we are very different beings with different cultures, languages, religions and tastes that we should not impose on others. Each opinion is valid if it is expressed in a respectful and assertive manner.

"You will see"

Typical phrase that is said when one is angry. However, sometimes it only shows an aggressive passivity that can make things worse. Therefore, if we are upset, it is best to explain the causes and show the other person what to do to change it. Otherwise, it only becomes a fight of egos that leads nowhere.

"Only bad luck surrounds me"

The phrase of the pessimists par excellence. First of all, it is normal to feel dejected every time things do not go well. And therefore we blame the bad fortune of the problems of our life. However, it is in our hands to change the situation if it is not to our liking. And surely good luck will make us smile a lot sooner than we imagine. But for that, you have to move. We have to leave the comfort zone and explore our limits. This article is published for informational purposes only. It can not and should not replace the consultation with a Psychologist. We advise you to consult your trusted Psychologist.

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