3 exercises for the neck

Who has not suffered at some time muscle contracture in the neck? In fact, the pain of both back and neck tend to be the most common, suffering and suffering every day many people around the world. Their causes are actually very varied, although the most common are related to sitting down, working in front of the computer placing the neck in a bad position, or even make a gesture or rapid movement with the neck. Shortly after the contracture occurs, the symptoms are more than evident: pain in some part of the neck (especially in one of the sides), inability to turn or move it, discomfort that increases when we move ... Be that as it may, the most usual is to have a contracture in the trapezius.

This type of contractures cause that, suddenly, a pain appears certainly annoying in the area where we find the trapezius muscle, place where it is very common that contractures occur precisely because of the lifestyle we lead: sedentary life, spending many hours in front of the computer screen, or work while we are sitting badly. Although contractures can also appear for certain problems or conditions: cervical hernias, scoliosis, kyphosis and hyperlordosis influence it.

Neck exercises help tone muscles, so by providing greater blood flow in the area are useful to prevent contractures, especially if we tend to suffer from many discomfort and pain in the neck. We explain the 3 most useful, recommended and recommended exercises.

1. The first exercise for the neck

Keep the neck straight. Close the mouth and move the head to the left side, return to the center and now move the head to the right side.

You can start the exercise by moving the jaw 10 times to the left side, and then move it 10 times to the right side, doing repetitions every time you finish.

2. The second exercise for the neck

Place the neck straight. Keep your mouth closed and press the upper teeth with the tip of your tongue, keeping the pressure while you count up to 5. Loosen the pressure and repeat 10 times.

3. The third exercise for the neck

This exercise is actually very similar to the first. The only thing that instead of moving the head with the mouth closed we do with the mouth open. That is, keeping the neck straight, open the mouth and move the head to the left side, return to the center and move it to the right side, 10 times each time.

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