3 ideal natural remedies to care for normal and mixed skin

Normal skin is a balanced skin, neither too dry nor too greasy. It is a skin that has both well-balanced sebum and hydration. Instead, Mixed skin is a skin that contains the characteristics of two skin types.

The characteristics of a normal skin are, smooth texture, soft, velvety, fine pores, has no impurities, has good blood circulation, its color is pink and fresh looking.

The characteristics of a mixed skin as described above share two types of skin and can be seen in the area called T. This area called T is that which comprises the forehead, chin and nose and is a more fatty area than the rest of the skin of the face as it is the case of the cheeks in which the skin is normal or dry.

Another feature of the mixed skin are the enlarged pores in the fatty areas and the presence of some impurities. Over the years, the skin changes, and both normal and mixed skin can become dry as you get older.

Other factors may also predispose us to skin alterations such as pollution, changes in temperature, sun, cold, poor nutrition, lack of internal hydration, the physical and psychological state, the products of Daily care that we use is sometimes irritating or aggressive to the skin.

To care for the skin we must avoid aggressive cleaning and use a mild soap with neutral pH, and choose moisturizing creams that are not too dense to prevent pores from clogging.

If you like to prepare your own products for the skin and all natural, then we provide some natural remedies that will help us take care of both normal skin and mixed skin.

Natural remedies to care for normal and combination skin

The remedies that we will provide are ideal for both normal and mixed skin and can be used on both skin types.

Exfoliating with clay and wheat bran

This homemade scrub is very easy to prepare we just need:

  • A spoonful of white clay.
  • A spoonful of mineral water.
  • Half a teaspoon of sweet almond oil.
  • One teaspoon of powdered wheat bran.

Mix all the ingredients in a bowl or wooden or plastic bowl until we get a cream that should stay thick.


Once the exfoliating cream is made, we moisten the skin of the face and with circular movements we extend the exfoliating cream.

Once the application is finished, rinse the face with plenty of warm water.

We dry carefully without rubbing, giving small touches with a soft towel.

Mask with regenerating effects

To prepare this hydrating mask we need:

  • 3 teaspoons of white clay.
  • 3 teaspoons of mineral water.
  • One teaspoon of evening primrose oil.
  • A teaspoon of honey

Mix these ingredients in a small bowl or plastic or glass bowl and reserve by letting it sit for an hour. Next we add to the preparation a drop of lavender essential oil, and a drop of geranium essential oil. We mix well again.


We moisten the skin of the face and take a little mask and apply it on the skin.

Let the mask act for 10 minutes. Remove the mask by rinsing the face with plenty of warm water. We dry gently without rubbing.

Ideal toner for normal and combination skin

The tonic that we will prepare next is a soft tonic that contains the following ingredients:

  • Half teaspoon of white clay.
  • 50 ml. of orange blossom water.

Mix these ingredients well and let it sit overnight. The next day we strain the preparation and only keep the resulting liquid. We store the preparation in a glass container.


Moisten the skin of the face and soak a cotton ball or disc in the tonic and apply it all over the skin of the face. We let the skin of the face dry in the air.

The tonic that has left us will be kept in the refrigerator. We can use it for the whole week until we finish it. We can apply facial tonics daily. ThemesSkin

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