3 seafood recipes for Christmas

As he shellfish As the fish They are two highly demanded foods to prepare the menus that are part of these Christmas holidays.

Prepared only on the grill, in stews, soups, in salads, or as part of the starters. With seafood we can prepare many recipes to enjoy with family and guests during these special days.

We propose on this occasion 3 wonderful recipes ideal to complete your Christmas menu at these parties, and surprise your family and friends. Do you dare to prepare them ?.

3 delicious seafood recipes for your Christmas menu

Clam and crayfish stew

The stew of clams and crayfish It is very easy to make and it is a dish that is served to eat warm, which we can present as a first course or second course. This recipe can be prepared with fresh or frozen seafood if we could not get them fresh.

The stew made with fresh seafood gains flavor with much difference. If we prepare this recipe with the frozen seafood, in advance we will let the product thaw slowly.

Then we will put water to boil without salt and without laurel and when it starts to boil add the lobsters and cook boiling for 3 minutes. We will do the same with the clams, in this case we will cook until they are opened.


  • 12 medium size crayfish, fresh or frozen.
  • One kilo of fresh or frozen clams
  • Clam broth and mineral water to complete 2.5 liters.
  • One and a half kilo of potatoes without skin and cut into pieces.
  • 6 cloves of garlic without skin and slices.
  • 3 branches of minced parsley
  • Pepper ñora paste, 2 teaspoons.
  • A handful of toasted almonds, about 12 almonds.
  • 2 slices of brioche bread
  • Extra virgin olive oil
  • A few small saffron.
  • A teaspoon of sweet pepper.
  • A pinch of ground black pepper.
  • Salt.


  1. To clean the clams thoroughly, we will soak them in water and salt. Once cleaned of sand we put them in a cauldron to cook with water that covers them and a little salt and cook until they open.
  2. When the clams open, remove from the heat, drain, reserve the broth of the clams and discard the clams that have not been opened, the other clams are reserved for the stew.
  3. We combine the broth of the clams with a Chinese or very fine sieve. We measure the resulting broth and add water to complete two and a half liters for the stew, we will reserve.
  4. In a pot we put a bottom of olive oil to sauté the crayfish with a little salt on top, sauté for 3 or 4 minutes.
  5. Remove the crayfish from the fire and reserve in a platter or tray. In the same cauldron we make the sofrito if oil has been left, if we do not add a little bit and brown the garlic cloves.
  6. We remove the cloves of garlic when they are golden and now we fry the slices of brioche bread. Once the bread is fried, add the chopped parsley, the almonds, the saffron, cook a little and remove from the heat.
  7. Add a glass of water to the sofrito and mash with the blender well.
  8. In a pot we put the crushed mixture of the sofrito and the 2 and a half liters of water and clam broth that we had reserved and stir to mix well.
  9. Cook with medium heat and when it starts to boil add the pieces of potatoes, the ñoras paste, the paprika and cook with soft fire for 20 minutes.
  10. We add the cooked clams, the crayfish and cook covered for 10 minutes more.
  11. Remove from the heat and put the stew in a tureen, or source to take it to the table.
  12. We serve the stew of clams and crayfish very warm on individual plates.

Beans with clams

The beans or beans with clams They are a traditional or classic recipe we can also say to prepare this seafood, the clams.

This recipe is a nutritious dish that is served warm and that we can present as a first course or second course.

Ingredients for 6 people:

  • 500 grams of white beans
  • 400 grams of fresh or frozen clams
  • A large onion
  • 2 garlic cloves, skinless and halved.
  • 2 carrots, without skin.
  • 2 bay leaves.
  • 3 chopped fresh parsley branches.
  • Some strands of saffron.
  • Extra virgin olive oil
  • Water for cooking.
  • A pinch of ground black pepper.
  • Salt.


  1. Before beginning to prepare this recipe we must remember to put the beans in water the day or night before.
  2. Drain the water from the beans and put them in a cauldron. We also put the onion, garlic cloves, bay leaves and carrots in the cauldron.
  3. Cover with water and cook the beans with high heat until they boil. When they begin to boil, add the saffron threads, lower the heat to a minimum, and cook the beans until they are tender.
  4. While in a pan put a little extra virgin olive oil to heat to sauté the clams.
  5. We remove the clams and reserve. When the oil is hot, add the clams and sauté until they open.
  6. Remove the clams and reserve In the same pan saute the onion, carrots and garlic cloves that we had cooked with the beans.
  7. In the glass of the blender we put the sautéed vegetables with a few beans and grind well. We add this puree to the bean stew and stir well.
  8. Add to the bean stew the clams and simmer with a little salt, a pinch of ground black pepper, for 5 more minutes, add a little more water to the stew if you need it.
  9. Remove from the heat, we arrange the stew of beans and clams in a dish, tureen or deep tray, and serve it in individual dishes sprinkled with a little of the chopped parsley on top.

Zucchini stuffed with prawns and pink sauce

This recipe from zucchini with shrimp filling and pink sauce It is very easy to prepare and we can present it as a first or second dish accompanied by the garnish that we like the most.

Our suggestions for garnish are: a white rice, pasta, a salad mix of lettuce, on a salad mat, a mashed potatoes.

Ingredients for 6 people:

  • 12 medium courgettes.
  • Homemade or industrial Mahonesa, 2 servings or cups.
  • A pinch of Tabasco.
  • 2 soup spoons of tomato ketchup.
  • 300 grams of prawns.
  • 2 onions cut into very small pieces.
  • Virgin olive oil
  • Salt.


  1. We wash the zucchini. We put water in a cauldron to be heated with a little salt to cook the zucchini.
  2. When the water starts to boil add zucchini and cook for 10 minutes, check that they are tender but firm. Drain the water, and let the zucchini cool down so you can split them in two.
  3. In a bowl or bowl we put the mayonnaise, the ketchup, the tabasco, the onion and stir to mix well.
  4. We split the courgettes as we said earlier in two and along.
  5. With care and help of a spoon or knife we ​​remove the pulp from the courgettes to make a space for the filling.
  6. We reserve while we cook the prawns.
  7. In a cauldron we put water to boil with a little salt to cook the prawns. When it starts to boil, add the prawns and cook for 8 minutes.
  8. Remove from heat, drain the prawns, let cool and remove the skin. Cut some prawns into cubes to add to the filling by reserving 12 whole prawns to garnish.
  9. Add the prawns we have cut into pieces into the prepared mixture. We remove the mixture well and with the help of a spoon we put stuffing in the halves of the courgettes.
  10. On top of each zucchini we will put a shrimp to decorate. We present the zucchini on a tray to take it to the table.
  11. We serve in individual dishes and as we have said before we can accompany it with the garnish that we like the most.

Enjoy your meal! From NatureVia we can only wish one Merry Christmas for all! ThemesChristmas Christmas Recipes

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