5 alternatives to travel at Christmas

Generally we have assumed that the holidays are a time of the year to be reunited with the family, something that in our country usually means meals, dinners and long aftermaths in the house of more or less close relatives, seasoned with endless sessions of "shopping" , either with the aim of completing the decoration of the house, stocking our pantries in view of the usual agapes or buying gifts for family and friends.

But what if there was a different way to spend Christmas? We are not talking about leaving our loved ones aside and disappearing without a trace, but the truth is that more and more people are booking a few days at this time to take advantage of them to get to know other cultures, other ways of celebrating the holidays and some of the most original cities and countries for it. Whether you travel alone, as a couple, with children or accompanied by the closest family, here are some of the most attractive destinations to enjoy Christmas in another way.

5 ideal options for traveling at Christmas

New York, New York

Nothing like the Big Apple to get thoroughly in Christmas mode. If there is a city that dazzles at this time is the skyscraper, with its skating rink at the Rockefeller Center, its walks through snow-covered Central Park, its endless commercial and entertainment ... probably New York is the place that best staged the Christmas around the world.

Germany and its markets

Christmas in the center of Europe is lived, in general, very intensely. The most important squares of each town are filled with Christmas fairs, and the most typical specialties of these dates delight the senses of the locals and visitors. We are talking about hot wine with spices, delicious sweets and dishes that will come in handy to warm up.

Anyway, there are cities, such as Nuremberg, Dresden, and even the largest cities such as Berlin, Munich or Cologne, which stand out above the rest for their festive atmosphere so characteristic, and which are worth visiting.

Christmas on the beach

Without a doubt, it is not what we are used to, but enjoying a few days of rest in an idyllic landscape, surrounded by palm trees, swimming in crystal clear waters and shaking us, only occasionally, the white sand to taste a cocktail, always seems A good plan.

While it is true that we usually do not think of roasting in the sun in December, it is a possibility within our reach that we direct our traveling gaze towards more tropical regions but, even so, relatively close. For more affluent pockets, we recommend taking the house out the window and take advantage of the winter holidays to make dream trips to Australia, New Zealand or South Africa and check "eating nougat" in the middle of summer.

Visit Santa

This option is already an ideal classic for families with small children. What better option than to take the letter to Santa Claus in hand? Well, in Finnish Lapland, more specifically in Rovaniemi, we can do it, however, it is good to be well wrapped and made to not see the sun throughout our stay, since so close to the Arctic Circle, the Night is permanent in winter.

In return, if we are lucky we can enjoy one of the most extraordinary shows that nature can offer us, the aurora borealis.

Practice our favorite sport

Whether it's alpine skiing, cross-country skiing or snowboarding, in our country we enjoy a number of facilities for winter sports, some of them of a high standard, and Christmas parties are one of their best moments. Also, Andorra, France and the Alps are not that far away! But if we are fond of other activities, such as sailing, golf, or adventure sports, there are countless tourist destinations from the south of the Mediterranean to the Caribbean where we can give free rein to our passion even when it would play singing Christmas carols.

And if all this does not convince us, we always have the classics: almost all European capitals have their particularities also at Christmas, so even if you have already visited Madrid or Barcelona, ​​Paris, London, Rome, Vienna, Prague, Budapest, Florence or Venice, if you do it on these dates so sure they will surprise you again. ThemesChristmas

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