5 foods with more sugar

The White sugar (also known by the name of refined sugar) becomes one of the most common sweetening options when it comes to providing a sweet taste to foods, desserts or drinks. For example, it tends to be a fairly common product when we drink a coffee with milk, a tea, an infusion or any other bitter beverage.

Although it is a very common sweetening option in many houses, did you know that it is not recommended or recommended at all? Just take a look at the effects of consumption of white sugar on health to realize its effects are actually negative: it can cause a lack of B vitamins and calcium, increases the risk of overweight and obesity, promotes the increase of cholesterol and triglycerides, alters the intestinal flora, and together with a diet low in fiber can increase the risk of cancer, diabetes, gallstones and Crohn's disease.

In addition to replacing white sugar with other healthier sweetening options (such as honey or whole cane brown sugar), we also find sugar in certain foods. Next we indicate you what are the 5 foods with the most sugar content:

  1. Candies and sweets: as much sweets as another type of sweets and trinkets, since 98% of its composition is sugar.
  2. Soluble cocoa: it is the cocoa powder that we add to the milk. Although it depends on the brands, the amount of sugar reaches 70%.
  3. JamsAlthough healthy because they are made with fruit, their sugar content tends to be very high. In fact, of 100 grams of sugar, 55 is sugar.
  4. Dried dates and raisins: like preserves, they are healthy foods. However, they have a very high sugar content.
  5. Condensed milk: although there are options with less sugar content such as skimmed condensed milk, they contribute around 55% sugar.

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