5 medicinal plants that will help you to digest

In a previous article we reported on some tips that can help us to make a good digestion and keep as much as possible a healthy stomach. There are times when for some reason the digestion becomes heavy.

To help make digestion well we can use a series of plants known as digestive.

With them we can prepare some tisanes and take them as an infusion after eating.

We highlight the following plants:

Melissa, peppermint or mint, chamomile, fennel, licorice.

Know the parts of them that you can use to make the infusions and the properties that each one of them can contribute to your digestion.

The melissa

To make the infusion you can take the flowers and leaves, has soothing, antispasmodic and digestive properties. It is appropriate as tranquilizer in states of nervousness and for gastritis.

Mint or peppermint

The leaves are used to prepare the infusion and its properties are digestive, antispasm, helps to calm the gases.

The fennel

We will use the seeds to make the infusions, it gives us antispasm properties and to avoid gases. It is advised for stomach pains and diarrhea.


We can use both leaves and flowers, has antispasmodic, soothing properties and is recommended to soothe stomach pain and nausea.


To make the infusions the root and the stem are taken. The properties of licorice are soothing, anti-gas, antispasm and digestive. Licorice works as a stomach protector, it calms the acidity.

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