5 medicinal plants to take care of the kidneys

Before starting to recommend five medicinal plants to take care of your kidneys We must briefly inform you about what function the kidneys play in our complex organism and what we should do to prevent them from getting sick.

First of all we can say that the kidneys are the size of a legume that is below the ribs. Inside each kidney are the nephrons that are responsible for filtering the blood. Its main function is to eliminate waste and excess water that are then transformed into urine.

Most of the kidney diseases They attack the nephrons that are in charge of eliminating the waste. People who have diabetes or blood pressure are more exposed to these diseases.

Over the years, the kidneys are deteriorating and can contract different diseases. The most common are the following: cancer, cysts, stones and infections. Being, almost without any doubt, nephritic colic due to the presence of stones, the most common renal problems.

In case of complete failure of the kidneys the specialists advise two ways: or the transplant or treatment with dialysis, while precisely waiting for the arrival of the transplant.

Taking all this into account, it is clear that we ask another question ... How to take care of the kidneys then? There are some useful tips that can be very helpful: reducing the level of consumption of sugar and fat in people with diabetes and high cholesterol, and avoid salt in case of hypertension.

On the other hand, if you have kidney stones You should avoid excessive consumption of coffee, tea and alcohol. In case of renal failure you should avoid the consumption of animal proteins.

The foods and drinks that are allowed are: pure water, watermelon, carrots and diuretic foods such as grapes, apples, pineapples, etc. Definitely, the key is to take care of food avoiding excess salt and sugar, as well as drinking water in the recommended daily amounts.

The best medicinal plants and herbs for the kidneys

In addition to following a healthy lifestyle and opting for certain recommended habits, eliminating or reducing also those not recommended, also Many medicinal plants can be of great help when it comes to taking care of kidneys.

Next we will detail you and we will recommend you five medicinal plants to take care of the kidneys naturally:

The dandelion, commonly known as bitter chicory is generally used as a medicinal plant since it has been found to have a large number of healing properties. Facilitates the proper functioning of the kidney, liver and gallbladder. Due to its diuretic effect it avoids the appearance of stones in said organ. It also improves digestive functioning by avoiding constipation and reducing the effects of hangover in alcohol.

The parsley It also helps the proper functioning of this vital organ by preventing the appearance of kidney stones. How is it consumed? Through tea infusions. It was historically used by the Cherokee Indians as a natural tonic to improve the performance of the urinary bladder.

The Green nettle It is also an excellent remedy for the kidneys and can be used through tea infusions.

The arnica, plant in danger of extinction due to the bestial collection for medicinal use, it can be consumed through tea infusions and it is excellent to recover the kidney from an injury or blow since it has a more than rapid effect.

The horse tail also known by the name of mule tail, lizard tail and clean silver. As a curiosity we can tell you that it is a prehistoric plant that grew up to the height of trees today. It is a diuretic plant used to treat problems of stones and kidney stones as well as fluid retention and urinary tract infections. This article is published for informational purposes only. It can not and should not replace the consultation with a Physician. We advise you to consult your Trusted Doctor. ThemesMedicinal plants Kidneys

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