5 scenes of Forrest Gump that will be recorded on your retina forever

Forrest Gump It is one of those movies that mark you for a lifetime. This film starring a huge Tom Hanks in 1998 has served as a life lesson for millions of people around the world.

And the truth is not for less. Throughout its almost three hours of footage there are scenes and dialogues of the most emotional and that are capable of making us jump a tear.

And for that reason, from NatureVia we have found it very interesting to make a selection of five of them.

"Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know which one is going to touch you " 

This is one of the most mythical scenes of Forrest Gump. And in fact, it's still very much alive despite the fact that more than twenty years have passed. In this, our charismatic Forrest starts talking to a lady while waiting for the bus. This offers a simple chocolate to make the situation more pleasant. After accepting, our beloved protagonist closes the scene with "Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know which one is going to touch you. "  

This deep but simple phrase teaches us that life will bring us all kinds of surprises. Some will be good and bad. One way or another, we must try to accept them with a good smile in our mouths as our friend Forrest always did.

"Run Forrest Run!"

After these first scenes, we begin to tell how was the childhood of Forrest Gump. And it must be said that it was not easy at all. Apart from his IQ lower than average, he also had to endure a lot of ridicule and insults from children his age. They messed with him for being something different and for the mere fact of walking in an unconventional way.

So much so, that there was a time when the typical school bullies tried to abuse Forrest. However, there was a time when our charismatic character could make "guts heart" and run away to get away from those people who did not deserve their love and affection.

"He may not be very smart. But I do know what love is "

In this film there are also moments for love and romance. This is the case of Jenny, childhood friend of Forrest and that over the years begins to emerge a feeling much deeper than a simple friendship. However, Jenny sometimes belittles Forrest because she does not consider him an intelligent person.

However, as we have told you in previous articles, there are many types of intelligence. And from here we say that Forrest has a highly developed emotional intelligence that allows him to love other people without any problem, something that he defended through this affectionate date.

"Forrest, I never thanked you for saving my life"

Lieutenant Dan Taylor was one of those secondary characters in this movie that marked the life of our character. He begins to instruct Forrest just as he arrives at the front of the Vietnam War, a conflict that marked American history during the 1960s.

The climax of the film is when Lieutenant Dan runs out of both legs due to an enemy bombardment. This is when Forrest saves him against all odds. And despite the fact that his lieutenant did not see this action with good eyes, over the years he greatly appreciates it. Without a doubt a lesson that you have to fight for that gift called life.

And to finish…

"I never got to know why Jenny had come back, but I did not care, it was like in the old days, we were like nails and flesh, every day I would take nice flowers and put them in her room and she made me the best gift that nobody could receive in the world, and even taught me to dance, anyway ... she and I were like a family, it was the happiest time of my life ".

We are not going to tell you much more about this date, because the truth does not need much explanation. This takes place almost at the end of the movie. And it shows us that out of love, anyone is capable of doing anything.

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