5 scenes of really emotional movies

The cinema has left us moments that will be engraved in our retina forever. The seventh art is able to delve into the depths of our feelings as they do music, painting or sculpture. In this sense, throughout the XX and XXI century we have witnessed scenes that knew how to make our hair stand on end. Moments that even made us grab our chair or the hand of our friend or partner.

Who has not felt like this once? In fact, many of these moments have served as examples or inspiration for millions of people in the world. For this reason, we have found it interesting to make a selection of the 5 most striking scenes in the cinema. Hold on for curves!

What we do in life, has its echo in eternity "- Gladiator

It was the year 180 AD when the Hispanic general known as "Maximum Tenth Meridio"Was in the middle of war with the barbarian tribes of the North. These threatened the peace and integrity of the vast Roman Empire, a fact that just caused the dissolution of one of the most powerful and prosperous civilizations of the ancient world.

Before the battle itself, the main character of Gladiator delivered a most motivating speech to his soldiers. He told them that everything we do in this life "has its echo in eternity." Hence, it is very important to put all our enthusiasm and effort to achieve any goal that we propose:

"They will never take away our freedom!" - Braveheart

It can be said that Mel Gibson became famous thanks to this speech that was seen in the BraveHeart film. Putting ourselves a little in situation, this places us in thirteenth century England that is in full conflict for the territories located in North Scotland.

However, it will not be an easy task. The English will face William Wallace, a simple farmer who gathers a vast army that wants to fight against tyranny. The whole speech itself is an ode to freedom. A kind of apology that defends that man and woman are free beings by nature. That's why it's very important to fight for it, even if it means losing your life:

"This is what makes the difference between winning and losing" - Any Sunday

We are sure that thousands of coaches from the most powerful leagues have used this speech to motivate their respective teams. He is starring as an actor of great relevance as is Al Pacino in the movie "Un domingo cualquiera". From the beginning, it emphasizes the amount of values ​​that define the human being, such as kindness or love.

He also emphasizes that even the smallest details of our lives can mark the differences. That through the effort can be achieved anything that we propose. And that through this process we will have on our side our colleagues, friends and family who will support us even in the most difficult moments:

"We are the damned sons of history" - Fight club

The truth is that the Fight Club is one of those films that make us rethink our existence. This film starring Brad Pitt and Edward Norton is like a kind of criticism of current society that over the years has been corrupted thanks to capitalism and exacerbated consumerism.

For this reason, this film is a must to better understand what the values ​​that should govern and characterize the human being should be. Otherwise, we will be almost doomed to extinction:

"I've been repentant all my life" - Life imprisonment

Morgan Freeman has become an expert when it comes to making scenes of the most melancholy. In the film Perpetual Chain, this actor plays a black convict who has spent most of his life in prison for a crime he committed when he was young. There is a moment that this character is asked if he regrets what he did with the passage of time. And it must be said that Freeman answers in a masterly manner.

This is another lesson where we are shown that all our actions have their consequences:

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