5 tricks to get bigger eyes

If we want to achieve an irresistible makeup, we must always be attentive to the advice of the best specialists. Well, in this opportunity we offer you some ideas that will help you highlight the beauty of your eyes, making them look great and beautiful.

The eyebrows also influence the appearance of the size of the eye. Epilated in the right way are crucial to mark the look, but the most important thing is that they are defined, so do not hesitate to dye them or use pencils to unify the tone.

But the key is obviously to keep in mind some Basic tips that help in making our eyes look much bigger, without actually being. How? Very simple: choosing some tricks that the best beauty professionals offer us, and that in fact practice in the best fashion catwalks.

As you can see, these tips are very easy to follow. And, in fact, with just 5 tricks you will make your eyes look much bigger.

How to get bigger eyes: 5 simple tricks

1. Hide the dark circles

The first thing to keep in mind is to solve the always present and so undesirable dark circles. They can tarnish our makeup since the dark shadow that they mark on our face gives the impression of making our eyes smaller.

It is necessary to start using the concealer that allows us to hide the dark circles that is appropriate according to our skin tone.

Something that many women do not know is that when choosing the ideal concealer we must take into account the coloration of the circles: the blue tones are better covered with an orange tone, while those that are purple or violet are better concealed by a more yellowish corrector, on the other hand, those who have a complexion of olives tone and dark circles of yellowish color should resort to lighter shades of concealer.

2. Delineate the eyes

This is probably one of the most widespread tricks when it comes to enlarge the eyes. When we delineate the outline of our eyes (both the lower and upper lines) with dark colors, we will be able to highlight the shape of the eye.

It is important to blur the end of the stroke but without losing the intensity of the outline along the lashes. Another alternative to enlarge the eyes is to lighten the lower inner line using a skin tone pencil, so our eyes will look wide open.

3. Use shadows

One of the most popular tricks is to use smoky to broaden our gaze, whatever the shade we choose, although the darker the color, the greater the sensation of depth.

To achieve the desired effect we must diffuse it horizontally going from the bottom and up, and contour with an intense black both outside and inside.

The shadows allow us other possibilities. An example of this is to apply dark brown on the upper line of the fold of our eyelids and to blur it and mix it with an intermediate tone on the mobile eyelid until it becomes a lighter color under the eyebrows, to provide luminosity and enhance the contrast between the eyes. tones

4. Tabs

Lashes can be our best allies, to get huge eyes that amaze everyone. The best thing in this aspect is to resort to masks.

As you know there is a wide range of possibilities, which will allow us not only to lengthen the lashes but also to give them more volume, lift them and open them to give the perfect frame for our eyes.

The trick is to start from the root and go to the tips in a zigzag pattern, taking care not to apply too much near the base because this would give us an aspect too overloaded.

5. Brows

So many times it has been said that the eyebrows are the frame of the face and in this case it is not the exception. The way we depilate it and especially giving them a lot of definition will help achieve the desired effect of expanding our eyes.

We hope you can practice these tricks to get bigger eyes and look twice as beautiful.

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