6 infallible natural remedies to treat migraines

The migraines, headaches or also known as headache They can appear between very different age ranges ranging from 15 to 55 years.

The reason for this ailment suffered by millions of people around the world, does not seem to be entirely clear, although numerous scientific studies claim that it can arise due to nerves, stress, anxiety, insomnia or even a poor diet.

And you? Do you suffer from migraines quite regularly and would like to treat it in a simple and natural way without having to step on a pharmacy or a hospital? Well, through this article we will tell you a series of remedies to achieve it.


Undoubtedly one of the quintessential remedies to treat any type of migraine. Drink a bit of chamomile In a regular way you can prevent headaches throughout the day, so it is recommended to take it a couple of times a week for those who suffer it chronically.

All without mentioning that it is very easy to prepare. You only need three spoons of dried chamomile, half a liter of water and then put everything to a boil and add a couple of drops of lemon juice.

Olive oil

The so-called liquid gold is also a great ally when it comes to treating all types of headache. This is because inside there is a large amount of natural fats that act as powerful antioxidants Through the whole body and above can also help you get rid of those annoying headaches.

For this, it is only necessary to take two teaspoons of olive oil and take them as if it were a syrup.

Herb and lemon tea

The herb and lemon tea It is one of those infusions that provides numerous benefits for our body.

First, prevents hypertension and above has enzymes that enhance the relaxation of our muscles and joints, something that can be translated after the disappearance of any headache. To prepare this drink, it is only necessary to take a teaspoon of this mixture and mix it in a cup of boiling water.

Ginger root

The root of this tuber is also one of the natural remedies with more powerful anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties that exist.

And it has also been postulated as a great option to treat any migraine picture. To prepare this remedy as an infusion, you can take any conventional tea and add a piece of ginger root in hot water. You will see how to strengthen the effects of this plant.

Grass Santa MarĂ­a

Although this plant is unknown, it goes without saying that it is one of the most effective when it comes to treating any migraine. It is usually found in specialized stores and therefore can not be purchased in conventional supermarkets.

However, its effects are more than effective in the short term. Its preparation is also the simplest you will find and for this it is only necessary to add a spoonful of this plant next to a glass of hot water and repeat the process a couple of times a day.


Aromatherapy in general also offers us a multitude of remedies to treat headaches. Among them, include basil, rosemary, lavender that can be used as an oil.

The method of preparation will be as follows: 4 or 5 drops of oils from these medicinal plants are taken in a cloth soaked in hot water and applied with great care to the affected person's forehead or neck. This article is published for informational purposes only. It can not and should not replace the consultation with a Physician. We advise you to consult your Trusted Doctor.

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