Activia against constipation

There is no doubt that the problems of intestinal transit and the constipation in themselves they are, increasingly, more frequent. Not in vain, there are many people who, at present, suffer from constipation.

A problem that is increasing, fruit to a greater extent by the current society in which we live, where we must go running from one side to the other, in which we eat quickly and improperly, and our diet is not all balanced and heals that, in reality, it should be.

While it is true that it is extremely useful to know the causes and consequences of constipation, and that there are many benefits of fiber to help go to the bathroom, this time we are going to talk about the Activia of Danone.

Danone Activia: effective against constipation

Activia It is a product of the food company Danone, totally natural and healthy, which in 14 days can help you regulate your intestinal transit, helping you to fight against constipation.

This is due to its content in BĂ­fidus, ferments and is rich in fiber, ingredients that, combined with basic health guidelines such as drinking two liters of water per day or choosing natural foods, can help solve the problem.

The ferments are live microorganisms that, ingested in a moderate and adequate amount, provide beneficial effects for health. While the bifidus are a family of ferments in themselves that bring digestive and intestinal virtues very remarkable.

Varieties of Activia

Currently, you can find different ones in the market Activia varieties, made for all tastes:

  • Activia Familia Naturales: They contain all the flavor of yogurt without added flavors or ingredients. It can contain sugar (in its sweetened or sweetened variety), or be completely natural.
  • Family Activia fruit: Ideal for people who enjoy fruit, as it contains whole cut fruits. In particular, you can find varieties of mango, berries, strawberries or pear. You can also opt for 0% (low calorie) varieties of plums, red fruits, peach, pineapple or kiwi.
  • Activia Familia Fibras: They are yogurts with a higher fiber content, thanks to the fact that - besides - it contains cereals. In the whole varieties you can choose cereals, muesli with coconut, muesli and cereals with kiwi. You can also buy it in its 0% variety (cereals, muesli or cereals with pineapple).
  • Family Activia Soy: Contains all the benefits of soy milk. You can find it naturally, exotic fruits or 0% (natural version).
  • Activia Familia Flavors: These are the most classic yogurts of this product. In whole varieties, you can opt for Macedonian flavor, or strawberry.
  • Activia Familia Bebibles: If what you want is to take your Activia everywhere, it is best to opt for the drinkable version, ready to drink at any time.
  • Activia Familia Queso Fresco: There is no doubt that it is the most exquisite yogurt, made with all the flavor of fresh cheese, but with the purest and most unique virtues of an Activia yogurt. You can buy it with muesli or strawberry.

You have more information on the official Activia website. This article is published for informational purposes only. You can not and should not replace the consultation with a Nutritionist. We advise you to consult your trusted Nutritionist. ThemesConstipation

Is Activia good for constipation (March 2023)