Alcampo and his "Blue Life". Or how to place your "healthy stamp" on foods that are not

It is gratifying that hypermarkets and hypermarkets are concerned about offering their customers healthier foods and products. Healthy from a nutritional point of view, with a lower contribution of sugars and fats, for example. Or that they are not transgenic foods.

It is the case of To field, the popular hypermarket brand, which has decided to create the project "Blue Life", a selection of products with which this company is committed, always apparent and supposedly, to help its customers eat better.

And we say apparently because of something that has caused dozens of nutritionists of recognized prestige in our country to have burst their neck veins, or their eyes have gone out of their sockets ... precisely, the null nutritional criteria with which this company You have selected those products. And let's see why.

What is the "Vida Azul" project of Alcampo?

As the company reports on the official website of the project, "food has an impact on well-being and health. That is why Alcampo has decided to act and help you by creating the "blue product selection". It treats of a selection of products whose composition proposes the best nutritional value and tries to reduce the additives and the ingredients that can provoke controversy. "

And let's remember one important thing in this description: "It's a selection of products whose composition proposes the best nutritional value and tries to reduce the additives and the ingredients that may provoke controversy.”

For this, "has decided to discard products containing GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms), nanotechnology, palm oil and other controversial ingredients in studies or media.".

And how has he done it? "The selection principle is built together with a group of experts internal and external to the company." Then, "the selected product is the one in whose composition has the best nutritional balance between the nutrient of obligatory declaration to integrate in the feeding (proteins) and the nutrients that must be limited (simple sugars, saturated fats and salt);".

Why you should not trust the products of "The Blue Life" ...

As many nutritionists have warned (such as Carlos Ríos, Juan Llorca, Juan Revenga or Aitor Sánchez), some of whom have already called the boycott of the company through social networks (under the hashtag #BoicotAlcampo), the consumer should not rely on the product line that Alcampo has marked under its "Blue Life".

Why? Fundamentally because, among these products, we find ourselves sugary foods or beverages or those with a high saturated fat content, which obviously are anything but healthy.

Due to the turmoil mounted, Alcampo has reported the following:

That is, we are faced with a convoluted explanation that does not clarify the issue, since "The blue life is a movement that helps you regain control over your health", contributing to this by "a selection of products whose composition proposes the best Nutritional value".

And we ask ourselves, does aColacao Turbo, with a container whose sugar content reaches 77%, is a product that helps us achieve the "best nutritional value" ?. But this is not only here, since we can also find foods so presumably healthy (always according to the company) as chocolate cookies, ice cream, sugary cereals, pizzas, soft drinks or ... jelly beans !.

However, as the criticism did not increase (and quite rightly so), today Alcampo had to apologize, posting the following on his Twitter profile:

While Alcampo takes action, and many nutritionists like Carlos Rios have celebrated the company's apologies, for the time being it is possible to continue to find the products criticized in its line of blue products.

In fact, the legal team of the Facua consumer organization is investigating whether this campaign could incur any of the misleading advertising assumptions.

Be that as it may, it is clear that the filter applied by the company has not been very successful, let's say.

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