Andean Hercampuri: benefits and how to make the infusion

The plant called hercampuri, which is also known by the popular name of Andean hercampuri, is a plant with scientific name Gentianella alborosea, belonging to the family of the Gencianáceas, and originally from the mountains of Peru. It grows concretely in the high Andean region, between 2,500 and 4,300 meters, in the punas of Puno, Huánuco, Ayacucho, Cusco and Cerro de Paseo.

This plant belongs to a family consisting of approximately 75 genera, and around 1000 species. They tend to be more common in both temperate and subtropical regions, as well as in small tropical mountains.

It is a plant that can be easily found in the Peruvian highlands, highlighting above all the simplicity with which it can be identified, thanks to its violet flowers and its characteristic appearance.

It is small in size, with dark green leaves and a brown stem. Its flowers are very characteristic and are easy to identify, since it has violet colors that can reach 2 centimeters.

Consumed for its different medicinal benefits, it is a plant recognized in Peru, which was consumed by the ancient Andeans before its arrival in our country after its conquest.

One of those most important benefits are your Properties to lose weight, being ideal to include it or to consume it in diets of thinning.

Benefits of the most important hercampuri

There is no doubt that the Andean hercampuri is a plant known for its qualities to help us lose weight and lose weight.

In fact, this plant acts with an effect regulator of the metabolism of fats, a benefit that it shares with other ideal plants in weight loss diets: the artichoke and the milk thistle.

Thanks to regulating the metabolism of fats, our body is more able to reduce excess fat, burning it more effectively and in a completely natural way. A virtue that combines perfectly with its diuretic and detoxifying benefits.

In addition, precisely thanks to this regulatory benefit, reduces the risks of cardiovascular diseases, since it reduces cholesterol and protects the liver.

How to make hercampuri infusion

A particularly suitable option when enjoying the benefits of this plant to lose weight can be a delicious infusion, about whose elaboration we speak to you next:


  • A handful of hercampuri
  • 1 cup of water


Boil a cup of water in a saucepan. When it enters boiling add the hercampuri, leaving boiling 3 minutes. Turn off the heat, cover and let rest another 2 minutes. Straighten and drink.

Other properties of the Andean hercampuri

In addition to its qualities in weight loss diets, the Andean hercampuri also provides other interesting benefits. They are the following:

  • Helps lower cholesterol: In case of high cholesterol (especially LDL cholesterol), the Andean hercampuri is very useful because it has an interesting ability to stimulate the secretion of bile acids.
  • Useful for the natural care of the liver: As it happens with other plants of recognized hepatic action, the Andean hercampuri is a natural option useful for the care of the liver, thanks to its hepatoprotective action. But it not only protects it: it also helps to detoxify it, regulates its functions, tones it up and reinforces it.
  • Also suitable for the kidneys: In addition to the liver, the hercampuri is also useful to detoxify and protect the kidneys, thanks to which it provides an important diuretic and depurative action.
  • Suitable against uric acid: In case you have high uric acid, the Andean hercampuri is also interesting, since it helps in its elimination.

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