Andropause: what it is, symptoms and treatment

It is true that, in most cases, it is better known menopause that the so-called andropause, considering the latter as something to which we usually do not tend to pay too much attention. Although all men suffer from a certain age, as is the case with women in the case of menopause.

What is andropause?

We can say that Andropause is a male syndrome that could resemble menopause in women, involving a series of changes similar to those that it suffers after its last menstruation.

Many doctors tend to call andropause as the male climacteric, and although it does not suppose the end of the fertility of the man (as it happens with the woman), many specialists agree in indicating that we would be rather before a change of psychic behavior that a hormonal or bodily variation.

In fact, there are men who can suffer andropause before the age of 50, or even if it never appears. In relation to fertility, although man can be a father at any time of his life, it is known that the quality of his sperm is considerably reduced, increasing the risk of chromosomal abnormalities in the fetus. That is to say, although it is true that the semen of the androp√°usico man continues having gestation capacity, it is normal that its sexual activity is diminished.

At what age does it appear?

It is a phenomenon that appears between 40 to 55 years of age.

Symptoms of andropause

Unlike the symptoms of menopause, in the case of andropause you can not talk about specific symptoms, since not all men suffer from the same symptoms. However, the most common are the following:

  • Decreased libido and low sexual appetite.
  • The quality of both the erection, and the ejaculation and the organism decrease.
  • Increase in body weight.
  • Gynecomastia: enlargement of the breasts.
  • Hair loss in large regions of the body.
  • Free levels of free testosterone in the blood.

Treatment of andropause

There are different treatments for andropause: on the one hand, we are facing preventive treatment based on a series of tips to be adopted before andropause has appeared. On the other hand, we find hormone replacement therapy.

Preventive treatment of andropause

  • Avoid overweight and obesity.
  • Practice regular physical exercise for at least 40 minutes each day.
  • Follow a healthy and healthy diet, based above all on foods such as cereals, corn, oats and peanuts.
  • Avoid tobacco and alcohol.

Substitute hormone treatment

The objective of this treatment is to administer testosterone in order to supply and treat low blood levels of free testosterone, although it is only indicated for patients with symptoms of andropause related to low levels of this hormone in the blood.

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