Andropenia: the menopause of men

From an informative as well as a public point of view, the menopause It tends to be a stage of the woman very well known by many people.

However, the truth is that the hormonal decline is not so well known that, like women, men also suffer.

In this sense, if women suffer from the so-called menopause, in the case of men, specialists prefer to talk about andropenia (Also known as ADAM syndrome: Androgen Deficiency in Male Elderly), which tends to affect men from 45 years of age.

Today we know a little more about the andropenia, your symptom Y treatment.

Andropenia in men

Symptoms of andropenia

The andropenia, more or less generally, produces the following symptom in the mens:

  • Decreased memory.
  • Poor concentration that affects intellectual tasks.
  • Loss of night vision.
  • Difficulty to make physical efforts.
  • Changes in character and mood
  • Loss of sexual appetite.
  • Alterations in urination.

Treatment of andropenia

While it is true that there are some natural treatments for menopause that help in the Women's health during menopause, the truth is that, in the andropenia, these remedies are not so well known or disclosed.

In this sense, the fundamental thing from the first moment is to know the level of testosterone that man has.

In case this testosterone is low, the specialist should treat it. Regarding women, you can know more about the Hormone treatment for menopause.

Of course, it is necessary to take into account that there are different contraindications for not administering this testosterone treatment: in case of cancer (especially prostate cancer), as well as heart disease. ThemesMenopause

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