Apple, pear, peach and cyanide seeds: dangerous for health

There is no doubt that the apples they constitute a healthy and nutritious food, which really should not be lacking in any type of diet or food. They are characterized by being a sweet fruit, with a refreshing taste, which appeals to children and adults, and which can be consumed alone or added to a wide variety of dishes and recipes.

Regarding its nutritional composition, it is a fruit very rich in water, ideal therefore to eliminate toxins and purify our body in a completely natural way. They also provide vitamin C, vitamin E and potassium, as well as other essential nutrients in smaller quantities, such as vitamin B3, B6, calcium and phosphorus. And they are ideal against constipation due to its fiber content.

On the other hand, it is a fruit very rich in different substances and compounds beneficial to our health. For example, they contain malic acid capable of neutralizing stomach acids, in addition to providing pectin, flavonoids and quercitin.

But even if we are faced with a healthy and healthy fruit from a nutritional point of view, what happens with its seeds? They have a bitter and slightly aromatic flavor, and tend to be consumed habitually due to their detoxifying and protective qualities against cancer. However, before regular consumption we must take some care. We explain why.

The composition of apple, pear and apricot seeds

The seeds of apple, pear, peach and apricot contain amygdalin in its composition. It is a compound also known by the name of Prussian acid laetrile, and its importance derives in that when it is ingested it produces cyanide in our body, a poison that acts directly on the cells preventing the exogenous being transported by the blood, which can cause the appearance of a respiratory paralysis.

Explained in a simpler way, it tends to "suffocate" our cells, blocking the cellular respiratory chain and thus preventing them from using oxygen, indispensable in passing so that they can carry out their normal functions.

When a cyanide poisoning occurs, a series of certain symptoms appear, among which we can mention: headache and stomach pain, dizziness, nausea and vomiting.

Can apple seeds be truly dangerous?

First of all we must bear in mind that for apple seeds could be dangerous to health it would be necessary:

  • Consume large amounts of apple seeds: around 20 kilos of apple.
  • Eat them chewed: when they are swallowed chewed, crushed or liquefied, the substance is released in our organism.
  • Consume them regularly: that is, in high quantities and also every day.

Taking into account everything indicated in the previous section, in order to actually produce a cyanide poisoning due to the ingestion of apple seeds, we should consume large quantities of seeds, and also regularly over time. Therefore, consumed in a timely manner and in small doses would not be harmful, but be careful: we would force our liver to work harder to eliminate this toxic substance.

The conclusion is obvious: it is better to eat the whole apple and discard its seeds, to avoid possible unnecessary risks to our health. Why? Mainly for something very simple, and that is that we are faced with a fruit that helps us in reality to prevent and cure certain conditions and diseases. Hence, we choose to enjoy their qualities, without adding unnecessary negative consequences to our body. ThemesSeeds Food

Cyanide? Are Apple Seeds Poisonous or Good For You? (December 2023)