Aquastep: what it is, how it is practiced and benefits

Now that the good weather is approaching, we may be encouraged to exercising in the water. It is an ideal option, we can practice both in the sea with the pool, and among its most interesting benefits we find that it helps increase the resistance of movement, muscle tone and strengthens the respiratory system.

And, like any type of physical exercise, it is also ideal when it comes to reducing levels of stress and anxiety.

What is the Aquastep?

The Aquastep is a sport that is done with the exercises of the step, but as its name suggests, it is not carried out in the open air, but in the water.

Therefore, it has the same advantages and benefits that toning brings, but to that we must add something else: the very difficulty of overcoming the resistance of water.

How is Aquastep practiced?

To be able to practice it correctly, the step is submerged in the water with the help of leads. The practice of exercises is practically the same (in relation to its speed and development), but due to the resistance offered by water, a greater intensity and strength is realized. Therefore, more calories are burned and there is a greater increase in muscle mass.

Benefits provided by Aquastep

  • There is a greater increase in muscle mass.
  • They burn more calories.
  • Coordination of movements is improved.
  • It helps to adopt a continuous rhythm, especially if the exercise is accompanied by music.
  • Improves strength and toning.

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