Argan oil: properties and benefits

The Argan oil It is obtained from a plant named after Thorny Acebuche, which we find especially in areas of Morocco and Mexico, and which is characterized by having a slow growth time (in fact, it takes to give its first fruit about 6 years on average).

The aforementioned oil is obtained from this plant, which is especially known as the gold of Morocco, due to its high price, although it is true that its benefits and properties are interesting for the skin, and when it comes to enjoying natural products useful for the most natural beauty.

There are two types of argan oil: natural argan oil itself, and a variation, traditionally Berber, which is obtained cold pressed from roasted seeds (whose extraction is artisanal and is used above all in the kitchen) .

What is argan oil?

The one known as Argan oil(also called simply by the name of Argan), is an oil that is obtained from the pressure of mature seeds that are obtained from the argan tree, known scientifically with the name ofArgania spinosa.

It is, although it is usually used on the skin for the different benefits it brings when it comes to enjoying a more natural beauty, a Edible oil whose taste is reminiscent of what the walnuts. Therefore, it is not only used in cosmetics and in natural beauty for -for example- hair care, but also in gastronomy for its delicate flavor.

We must bear in mind that the argan tree is actually an endemic tree in Morocco, specifically in the Arganeraie region, which is why it is considered a relatively expensive oil, because its extraction continues to be artisanal today, especially since The area was considered in 1998 by UNESCO as a Biosphere Reserve.

That is, its collection is done in a traditional way, as well as the pressing of its berries to obtain its popular and acclaimed oil, after drying the fruits picked from the tree, something that takes place when they are ripe during the summer months. On the other hand, its berries or fruits are also known as argan almonds.

How argan oil is obtained

The fruits of the argan, known as we told you with the name of argan almonds, they are collected and collected during the summer months, when they are mature.

Then the healthy fruits are crushed and crushed with the help of a stone or metal mill, and then boiled in water. This is how the almond puree is stirred and kneaded constantly until the oil comes out little by little.

Did you know that the squeezed and dried pulp is used as fuel for domestic use in the house of the harvesters of its fruits ?.

The wonderful benefits of argan oil for the skin

Wealth in essential nutrients for the skin

In addition to nutritionally stand out for its content in essential nutrients, there is no doubt that these also provide interesting -and useful- benefits for natural skin care.

Among these nutrients are those that we indicate below:

  • Essential fatty acids: 80% of its composition are essential fatty acids.
  • Vitamin E: important antioxidant vitamin, which contains around half of what we find in olive oil.
  • Phytosterols: they are natural compounds of vegetable origin that help in case of high cholesterol.

Interesting antioxidant benefits

Its richness in both vitamin E and essential fatty acids provide argan oil with antioxidant benefits, so that applied to the skin its benefits go through being a natural remedy against aging, preventing and delaying.

Ideal in case of acne or burns

Thanks to its regenerative and rejuvenating benefits of cells and tissues, argan oil is useful in case of acne or minor burns, by acting to regenerate skin cells completely and completely naturally.

Soft, nourished and healthy hands

Do you usually suffer from dry skin on your hands? Do you also suffer from cracked hands? In this sense argan oil can become one of your biggest friends, as it helps to moisturize the skin of the hands and maintain its moisture in a completely natural way.

Benefits of argan oil for hair

Believe it or not, Argan oil is also very beneficial for our hair. For example, due to its high content of essential fatty acids, it provides incredible qualities for hair health, helping in a very positive way when it comes to keeping it nourished, healthy and healthy.

For example, applied on the scalp helps when it comes to relieve itching and irritation associated with dandruff. While it is also very useful when it comes to enjoying hydrated, smooth and shiny hair.

How to use argan oil to enjoy its benefits

  • How to use argan oil on the skin:It is very simple. Just apply a little argan oil on the skin and spread it slowly with gentle massage, especially after the shower, in the same way that for example today you apply a moisturizing oil.
  • How to use argan oil on hair:In this case it is only necessary to rub a little argan oil on both the scalp and the hair, leaving on for 1 hour. Finally rinse the hair well, until there is no remaining oil.

Where can we buy argan oil?

The argan oil you can find today in a good number of supermarkets and hypermarkets, although sometimes it is not so easy to find them in this type of shops.

Therefore, if you prefer to go to shot done and find it without giving many laps, it is best to opt directly by herbalists or natural cosmetics centers.

In these stores you can find not only pure argan oil, but also natural products made from this oil, such as: soaps, shampoos and creams. ThemesOil

10 Argan Oil Benefits for Hair and Skin (February 2024)