Ayurvedic medicine (Ayurveda): what it is, benefits and what it is for

Ayurvedic medicine it is a method of healing that had its birth in the Indian subcontinent in the middle of the second millennium BC The truth is that it is very difficult to explain the precepts of this healing practice, especially if we take into account that there are hardly any records of it.

The most recent of them all known as the Atharvaveda”, dating around the year 1000 BC and where they are mentioned up to 14 sentences that they had as an objective to ask the gods to cure the pains and affections of the patient in question.

From there, Ayurvedic medicine has evolved over time. In fact, around the 5th-3rd century BC, what is known as sushruta-samjita"A precept that I already picked up 700 medicinal plants, 64 preparations different minerals based on other 57 of animal origin.

Then, around the 2nd century AD appeared the " charaka-samjita ", which was a more complete and developed version of the first precept. Finally, there is the " Astanga-jridaia-samjita ”, in honor of Buddhist monk Vagbhata, with which around the seventh century made a long compendium of specific medical treatments for each disease and condition in particular.

The 3 doshas of Ayurvedic medicine. What does it consist on?

Now that we have known the beginnings and how this Ayurvedic medicine has been developed, next we are going to continue delving into it so that you know it in depth. And for that reason, in the first place we are going to relate the three basic principles on which this medicinal practice is based:

  • Vata energy This type of energy is related mainly to wind and mobility in general. And if we extrapolate these to the body, it has to do especially with the circulation of blood and other essential functions that occur within our body. This energy is present on thin people who have a sensitive digestive system.
  • Pitta Energy. Then we find the pitta energy, which has a direct relationship with the metabolism and burning calories that occur when consuming any food. Pitta people have a medium, athletic physique and have gain muscle mass quite easily.
  • Kapha energy. Finally we find the Kapha energy, which is intimately related to the growth of the body together with all its organs and cells. It is very present in people who have a great capacity to love and forgive their neighbors. Although when they are sad and decayed, they can turn into the opposite.

What are the benefits of Ayurvedic medicine?

Have you already been clearer what are the doshas of this medicine? If so, then we will close this article to tell you about the main benefits that this brings to our health:

Helps fight stress and anxiety

One of the great benefits of this ancestral practice that is thanks to them we will achieve significantly reduce anxiety stress levels what are the order of the day?

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The reason? Well, because this type of medicine also includes relaxation and breathing techniques with which energy is "flowed", something that later translates into a much more generalized state of well-being.

Treats all kinds of injuries and illnesses

Thanks to a study published by The Journal of Clinical Theumatology, it was concluded that treatments with Ayurvedic medication have helped patients to reduce inflammation and certain conditions during the 36 weeks of the investigation.

All this without mentioning that this type medicine also improves blood flow and serves to treat arthritis and fibromyalgia.

Promotes a rich and healthy diet

Now that we live in a world where fast food and industrial bakery are the order of the day, it should be noted that Ayurvedic medicine promotes the consumption of teas rich in antioxidants along with other vegetables, spices and fats of animal origin that as a whole are very beneficial when it comes to carrying a healthy and balanced diet in all respects, something that will ultimately help us to gain quality of life.

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