Bad food for memory

That follow a healthy food based on a balance diet It is fundamental for our health is something that many people know, and in fact tend to meet every day.

And is that opting for a balanced but healthy diet, based on the consumption of fresh and natural foods (such as fruits, vegetables, vegetables, fish, white meat, dairy, eggs and nuts) helps us to enjoy not only a good health, but to prevent a wide variety of diseases, pathologies and disorders of health.

Therefore, following a certain diet can have a negative influence on many aspects of our lives and on a wide variety of functions, such as memory. And it is that for take care of the memory it is best to opt for the best food for the brain, which provide us with the essential nutrients that both our body and our brain need to function optimally.

But did you know that there are bad food for memory which can have a negative effect on the proper functioning of your memory? We indicate the main ones.

Harmful foods for a good memory

  • Foods rich in sugars: they are products that cause an excess of sugar, which is transformed into fat and contributes to the development of obesity and poor blood circulation. In addition, they favor the risk of suffering from diabetes.
  • Fat-rich foods: foods rich in saturated fats and trans fats stand out, especially negative for our health because in addition to raising high cholesterol, they contribute to the stagnation of the arteries and therefore to the development of poor circulation
  • Food with additives and preservatives: these foods have nothing nutritious elements, which also have an oxidizing effect on neurons.

Negative habits for memory

In addition to the consumption of certain bad food for memory, it is also imperative that we take into account what bad habits can also harm our brain health, which ultimately affects the memory loss.

Smoking and drinking alcohol They are two of the worst habits not only for our memory, but for our health in particular, given that they are two poisons that always act in our body in a negative way.

Without counting alcohol and cigarettes (which are obviously two legalized drugs), as well long-term drug use influences a slow and progressive loss of memory.

How to enjoy a good memory?

In addition to avoiding negative habits for memory that we indicated in the previous section, it is also essential follow a healthy lifestyle.

Prefer to a balanced and healthy diet rich in fresh, natural and healthy foods is essential, in addition to the practice of physical exercise.

And, of course, opt for our Tips for caring for memory, that will help you positively in this regard.

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Foods Bad For Your Brain and Memory (February 2021)