Basal metabolism: fast or slow metabolism

What does it mean to have a fast or slow metabolism and what does it depend on to lose or lose weight? Does our metabolism have much to do with diet to lose weight?

As we know, as we have already tried in some other occasion, to lose weight and lower it, it is more than essential to consume fewer calories than those spent throughout the day, and even increase our daily physical activity to can help in the loss.

The problem in these cases is that not all people need the same amount of calories per day, since these depend on the type of metabolism we have.

Not in vain, there are people who have a slow metabolism, while others have a rapid metabolism.

What is metabolism?

Among other issues, metabolism is a set of chemical reactions that allow us to obtain the energy of all those foods that we eat daily.

Precisely the amount of minimum energy that our body needs to be able to function every day is called basal metabolism. This metabolism varies in each person, since its functioning depends in itself on the different hormonal levels that we have, which in turn is marked in a genetic way.

Differences between fast and slow metabolism

For all the indicated, there are two types of metabolism, which we summarize below:

  • Rapid metabolism
    Our body consumes more energy to perform its vital processes, so, in turn, it needs a greater number of calories and does not save the excess.
  • Slow metabolism
    In these cases, our body needs little energy to develop its basic functions, and saves what it does not consume, tending to save excess calories in the form of fat.
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