Basic care when getting a tattoo

More and more people are betting to get a tattoo in different areas of their body. If we refer to the definition of tattoo, it is about drawing on the skin through punctures with which pigments of color are introduced into the dermis, the layer that is under the epidermis.

Therefore, we must bear in mind that the tattoo is an open wound on which we must pay special attention in order to avoid infections in the short or long term.

What to keep in mind before getting a tattoo

Caring for a tattoo starts long before you get your own tattoo. It is necessary to value a series of tips so as not to endanger health.

First, It is essential that you choose the right establishment where you are going to do it; important that complies with the minimum hygienic-sanitary requirements, as well as that the facilities have the necessary equipment and it is clean. With the rise of tattoos have appeared many establishments "pirate", so we recommend taking special care with them.

Second, if you have any type of skin lesion such as a scar or a mole, it is best to avoid these areas when getting a tattoo.

And, finally, we advise you to think very well about the area of ​​the body where you are going to make the tattoo. It tends to think that the same drawing remains the same regardless of the area in which it is tattooed, but it is not like that. For example, if you bet on the neck, where the skin is more elastic, it is very likely that over the years the pattern will be deformed. As for the hands, they are continually exposed to natural light and friction, so the tattoo tends to wear quickly.

As for the areas of the body, we must also assess that there are some more painful than others. Generally, the pain at the time of getting a tattoo is more intense in those areas where there are bones like the ribs; On the other hand, others, such as the forearm, hardly hurt anything.

Tattoo care

Once you have taken into account all the previous points, the subsequent care of it is very thorough. Here are some of the things that you have to keep in mind:

  • Washed: Once the fact the tattoo, it is important to wash the area daily two or three times with warm water and neutral soap. Indispensable that the soap is neutral, that does not contain perfumes or alcohol since they can irritate the wound. Wash it with your hands and, to dry it, it is enough to give soft strokes with kitchen paper.
  • Healing cream: In all tattoo establishments they recommend a certain healing cream to heal the wound during the first days. You should apply it after each cleaning and massage it gently with circular movements.
  • Bathrooms: During the first month of the tattoo life, bathing in the pool, the river or the sea is totally forbidden. When showering, do not wet it too much and especially try not to drop any gel or shampoo on it.
  • Sun: In the same way as with the baths, it is advisable that during the month following the tattoo you do not get the sun; then, whenever you do, protect the area with a factor 50 cream. Therefore, the best time to get a tattoo is autumn or winter.

As you can see, the care required by a tattoo is not too complicated, but you have to take them into account and apply them to the letter to avoid possible future complications, such as infections. The most common symptoms of these are: inflammation of the area, itching, bad smell and even pain.

Of course you should go to the specialist, tattoo artist, and the doctor in case the tattoo causes an annoying wound that does not heal with the passing of days. This article is published for informational purposes only. It can not and should not replace the consultation with a Physician. We advise you to consult your Trusted Doctor.