Be careful this Christmas: Do you know what happens in your body when you drink alcohol?

The alcohol It is a tremendously known and consumed beverage nowadays, besides being very easy to access by adults (and what is even worse) and young people. It is present in many shops, stores and even gas stations, as well as in many of our social gatherings such as a business dinner, a normal dinner with friends and family. But, almost certainly, the vast majority of consumers of this drink do not know what happens in their body when they drink this liquid.

Alcohol weakens our immune system making it much easier for our body to get sick even up to 24 hours after getting drunk. There are certain parts of the brain that are very susceptible to the effects of alcohol and it seems that young people are more sensitive than adults.

The sooner adolescents start drinking, the more risks and damage they will suffer after. One of them is the development of the brain and another even more serious problem is the risk of suffering from mental problems. According to the results of the latest scientific studies, it is not only the frequency of drunkenness, but also the risk of damaging your brain.

At the moment of ingesting the first drink it extends throughout the body and by the blood flow to be soluble in water. The central nervous system system is affected causing difficulty in speech, blurred vision and loss of balance. By ingesting a significant amount and reach the frontal lobes of our brain disappears the ability to reason.

Although at first you might think that a few glasses of alcohol will not harm you, the truth is that will raise heart rate and blood pressure, which helps us feel more relaxed, losing inhibition but also motor coordination.

Do you know why this occurs? It is actually the result of chemical reactions in the brain, more specifically in the cerebellum responsible for coordination and balance. Alcohol causes a chemical alteration in the neurons, in some synapses the signals are blocked and the more we drink the more it affects the synapse.

Alcohol also cheats the brain by making us believe that we have drunk a lot of water and this makes it function to the kidneys discarding valuable liquid in the bladder. The next morning we will probably feel dehydrated. After the party is the liver the one who puts all this disorder in order.

This body will be responsible for eliminating toxins such as alcohol and for this you will need a lot of water. When the liver needs water, it is the brain that suffers it. The brain loses water and essential minerals, even shrinking within the cranial cavity itself. The result is obvious: we started to feel a very particular headache.

But our body, as it is very wise, puts us hours later the famous hangover through. That need to continue sleeping with the lights off, those discomforts in your stomach or even the urge to vomit are just a few small symptoms that you are going through a hangover after a night of partying.

What are the benefits of not drinking alcohol?

Although some scholars consider that drinking alcohol punctually and very occasionally could provide some benefits for the body (as we already knew in a previous note in which we talked about the benefits of alcohol), The truth is that it is best not to drink any alcohol at all, even if it is in minimum quantities.

In fact, if instead of having a drink with alcohol we opted for a glass of natural juice or water we will get the following benefits for our health. Namely:

  • We will avoid brain damage.
  • It reduces the possibility of having cancer.
  • Prevention of liver and kidney damage.
  • Better cardiovascular health
  • Better gastric health
  • Greater awareness in your actions.
  • You improve your mood and above all you prevent alcoholism.
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