Beginning of autumn 2014

The beginning of autumn 2014 is near. In fact, it is almost felt in the environment, when bad weather (rain, wind, hail) and even the cold is already beginning to make an appearance on our streets.

As you surely know, the autumn It is characterized because it is a change of season in which one goes from a hot period to a somewhat colder time, which sometimes tends to have a great impact on the health of many people, mainly because they suffer a decrease in defenses ( increase defenses). If you want to know when the fall of 2014 begins, it is best that you continue reading.

Beginning of autumn 2014

The beginning of autumn 2014 will take place on September 23, 2014, Tuesday, at 4h 29m official peninsular time (in Spain, one hour less in the Canary Islands).

Of course, the time change will not take place until the end of the month. More specifically, on October 26, which will recover the winter schedule (delaying the time until two).

Due to this, mainly to the change of schedules and to the reduction of sunlight, many people tend to become depressed, appearing the so-called autumnal depression.

In case you want to take care of your health for this fall, especially before it starts, we recommend you follow our care for autumn.

How long will autumn 2014 last?

This station, during this year 2014, will last a total of 89 days and 20 hours.

When does autumn 2014 end?

While it is true that autumn 2014 will last a total of 89 days, the day will officially end December 21, 2014.

When did autumn 2013 begin?

Unlike this year, last year the autumn It started on September 22, but on that occasion it officially arrived at 22:44.

One day, by the way, in which it still almost seems that we are in the middle of summer, because it is still very hot and the rains and bad weather do not tend to arrive until after the middle of October.

Do not forget that autumn is a time of transition, of relative rest, but above all of tranquility in which Nature gives us striking and unforgettable colors. Enjoy this season.

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