Benefits and properties of calendula for skin and beauty

Among the different medicinal plants known for the natural care of the skin, it is quite likely that two are some of the most popular. On the one hand we can mention the aloe vera, that gives off a wonderful juice full of benefits and healing, moisturizing, healing and repairing properties, and that can be easily obtained at home. To achieve this we only need to cut one of its tender leaves and let it go slowly releasing the juice inside, picking it up with a spoon or in a cup.

On the other hand we also find the calendula, another of those most popular plants precisely because of its soothing, anti-inflammatory and analgesic action, recognized for its qualities to prevent and treat in a completely natural way the dermatitis of the baby and the erythemas caused by the diaper.

It is characterized for being an annual herbaceous plant that can reach 50 centimeters of height, and that is also popularly known by the names of wonder, garden calendula or calendula flower. From a scientific point of view it is known by the name of Calendula Officinalis, and there is no doubt that one of the most characteristic elements of this wonderful plant is its bright orange flowers, which tend to bloom from spring to the first frosts of winter.

The incredible benefits of calendula for the skin

For minor burns

One of the most known benefits of calendula is its soothing action when it comes to relieving minor burnsTherefore, this effect is also very interesting when it comes to calming the pain caused by sunburn and by blows of sun.

Natural treatment of inflamed areas

Exercise a anti-inflammatory action, ideal at the time of inflammation and soothing inflamed areas of the skin. For example, it is very appropriate to apply it on areas of the skin where there is dermatitis or rashes.

Ideal for baby's skin

Prepared in the form of calendula cream it becomes an excellent natural choice for the treatment of the different conditions of the baby's skin, such as diaper rash and other dermatitis that may arise as a result of heat and therefore sweating.

In fact, It is one of the most recommended options to care for and treat the baby's delicate skin, thanks to the fact that a protection layer is applied in a completely natural way in the same way.

Good skin disinfectant

Not only in case of minor burns, but also in case of small wounds and scratches (for example, in case of cat scratches) it becomes a excellent natural skin disinfectant, helping in turn to reduce inflammation and reduce redness.

Useful in case of insect bites

In case of insect bites Calendula is also a useful and interesting option, precisely because relieves annoying symptoms caused by bites, as for example not only the inflammation itself, but the redness of the skin and itching that forces you to want to scratch every so often.

Soothes inflammation of mucous membranes

In case of inflammation of both the mucous membranes and the throat It is also an excellent natural option. However, in these cases the best option is to make an infusion of calendula and take advantage of its benefits in the form of rinses (in the first case) and in gargles (in the second).


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