Benefits and properties of the olive tree: good against high cholesterol

The olive oil is one of the fundamental products in the so-called Mediterranean diet, which, among other issues or interesting aspects, is adequate to maintain a healthy and healthy lifestyle.

However, on this particular occasion we are not going to deal with the benefits of olive oil, but we will try to echo the benefits of the olive tree, from which the more than known olive oil.

The olive it is one of the most emblematic trees of the Spanish geography, although originally it has its origin (if I may be redundant) in Asia Minor.

However, since ancient times the olive tree has been cultivated throughout the Mediterranean basin, where we could say that it has been the sacred tree par excellence, and an authentic symbol of peace.

Benefits and properties of the olive tree

Between the benefits and properties of the olive tree most important for health, highlights for example the hypotensive action of its leaves, which has been attributed for decades to a substance called oleoeuropeĆ³sido (an iridoid).

This means that the olive tree is very good against hypertension, at the same time that it is vasodilator, spasmolytic and antiarrhythmic.

It also has another substance called oleacein, which is believed to help oleoeuropeoside in its hypotensive action.

In any case, it is equally useful in the prevention of coronary diseases and atherosclerosis, helping even to lower the high cholesterol (decreasing LDL cholesterol and, in addition, increasing HDL cholesterol).

In addition, its use as a home remedies for migraines. This article is published for informational purposes only. You can not and should not replace the consultation with a Nutritionist. We advise you to consult your trusted Nutritionist.

Is Olive Oil Healthy? (January 2021)