Benefits and properties of the Ulmaria, remedies and contraindications

The Ulmaria is a medicinal plant that belongs to the Rosaceae family (Rosaceae), its scientific name is Filipendula ulmaria, and it is commonly known by the name of meadowsweet.

This plant is used in phytotherapy to treat digestive problems being very effective to protect and soften the mucous membranes of the digestive tract, helps neutralize heartburn, is also effective to calm situations in which we notice nausea.

The ulmaria It is also used in case of diarrhea since it acts as a mild astringent. In addition to the benefits that the Ulmaria exercises to treat the digestive problems, this plant contains active principles among which is the salicylic acid with what this plant is also beneficial to lower the fever.

Due to its anti-inflammatory and soothing properties, it also helps joint and muscular rheumatism.

The beneficial properties that the Ulmaria contains are the following: stomach, astringent, diuretic, anti-inflammatory, antipyretic and antirheumatic. On the other hand, among the active ingredients that we find in it we can mention tannins, citric acid, salicylic acid and essential oils.

The parts of the Ulmaria that are used are the aerial parts and with them several homemade remedies are prepared.

This medicinal plant can be found in natural products stores, herbalists, parapharmacies, pharmacies that dispense natural products, online, and in various formats.

The formats in which we can acquire the Ulmaria are in the form of dry plant, tincture and tablets. In any case, it can be used both for internal use by mouth and for external use in the form of poultices or compresses that are prepared with the flowers and leaves of the plant.

When preparing the infusions we must bear in mind that the plant should not boil because it would lose the salicylic acid it contains.

Discover how to prepare 2 home remedies with Ulmaria

As we have previously collected in the sections referring to the properties of the Ulmaria, with this plant we can prepare an infusion with various therapeutic purposes to treat various ailments such as digestive, to eliminate fluids, to lower fever, to soothe joint pains and muscles, menstrual pains or headaches.

Infusion of Ulmaria

To prepare an infusion of Ulmaria we will need:

  • Two teaspoons of dried herb from Ulmaria.
  • A cup of mineral water.

In a saucepan or heater put the water to heat and once it starts to boil add the teaspoons of Ulmaria.

Remove from heat, cover the infusion and let it rest for 10 or 15 minutes.

We uncover the infusion, we strain it and when it is warm we can take it.

From this infusion we can take 3 cups a day.

If you like the infusions with a sweet touch, we can sweeten it to your liking, with a teaspoon of whole sugar or brown sugar, stevia or a splash of honey.

Ipmaria poultice for muscle pains

The anti-inflammatory and soothing properties of the Ulmaria make it effective to treat muscle pain, also joint pain caused by rheumatic disease.

This home remedy consisting of a poultice of Ulmaria is prepared as follows:

To prepare the poultice of Ulmaria you need fresh plant of Ulmaria if you have the opportunity to get the fresh plant.

In case of no fiera possible we can prepare a decoction with dry plant without it comes to boil.

To prepare the decoction we will need about 30 grams of dry plant and one liter of water.


We put the water to heat the fire with the 30 grams of Ulmaria and once it starts to boil, turn off the heat, cover the decoction and let it rest for 3 minutes.

Then uncover and let cool.


Once it has cooled we soak gauze in the decoction of Ulmaria and apply it to the inflamed or painful area.

In case of having fresh Ulmaria reach, prepare the poultice in the following way:

We take a small bundle containing leaves and flowers of Ulmaria, crush with the help of a mortar and put it on a gauze or cotton cloth.

Next we will put the poultice on the painful or inflamed area.

Contraindications of the Ulmaria

The meadows taken in the doses that the professionals prescribe us is not harmful, however in some cases or situations the meadowsweet is contraindicated.

The cases or situations in which Ulmaria should not be consumed are the following:

  • In case of pregnancy.
  • During the period of lactation.
  • In children under 12 years old.
  • If you are taking aspirin or other medicines for blood circulation.

When resorting to the Ulmaria or other medicinal plants it is better to consult with the professional therapists and let us guide you through their guidelines and advice. This article is published for informational purposes only.It can not and should not replace the consultation with a Physician. We advise you to consult your Trusted Doctor. ThemesMedicinal plants

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