Benefits of barley malt

If you like the beer and you tend to drink it regularly (either with or without alcohol), it is quite possible that you are already used to Malta barley. It basically consists of the barley that has germinated and has been roasted by a process known as malting. And, precisely, it is used in the elaboration and fermentation of beverages as for example it is the case of the beer, mainly for being an excellent source of sugars.

The barley It is an extremely nutritious cereal, very rich in fiber, which becomes an excellent alternative for those who suffer from gluten intolerance. As regards its most important qualities, it helps to prevent and treat constipation due to its richness in fiber, it is useful to regulate intestinal transit, reduces high cholesterol and triglyceride levels, and is a wonderful detoxifier of the kidneys. and the spleen.

To make the malt, the barley is soaked, which softens and swells. In order to disinfect and clean it, lime is added with the first soaking or first maceration. After having elapsed between 8 to 10 days the soaking process will be over. In this sense, we will know that the grain is duly softened when the skin of the grain is easily released when squeezing it, and especially when it can be folded between the fingers.

What are the most important properties of barley malt?

Very rich in amino acids

As you surely know, amino acids contribute to the construction of proteins, which participate in the formation of different organic tissues, as well as in the transformation of the different energy sources.

Particularly noteworthy is the presence of amino acids such as lysine or glutamic acid.

High mineral content

In addition to providing amino acids, barley malt is extremely rich in minerals, which contribute to the correct hormonal regulation, to the formation of the teeth and to the nervous stimulation.

Among its mineral content we can mention: magnesium, potassium, iron, zinc, phosphorus, sodium and calcium.

Good for athletes, young people and children

Barley malt is considered one of the best natural sources that exist to provide energy to our body, since it offers the possibility of recovering the liquids and nutrients exhausted in the practice of physical activity.

For this reason, the consumption of barley malt is recommended not only for athletes who are continually exposed to significant energy waste, but also for children and young people.

Did you know that Plato, Pythagoras or Hippocrates themselves recommended their students to consume barley because it is ideal to promote the ability to think and concentrate ?.

Source of nutrients for moms during breastfeeding

Precisely because of its richness in essential nutrients, barley malt is not only recommended for young people and children, but also for those mothers who are breastfeeding their children, during the lactation stage.

Why? Very simple: it is a food especially rich in vegetable proteins, vitamins of group B (especially folic acid) and minerals, as mentioned in a previous section.

Excellent digestive

Since the malting process to which the barley has been subjected decomposes the grain into much simpler sugars, barley malt is made easier to digest and assimilate. Further, helps in the digestion of carbohydrates.

Wonderful depurative and diuretic

Barley malt is an excellent depurative and diuretic, so it becomes an excellent natural option when it comes to purifying our body and helping in the elimination of accumulated toxins.

It is ideal not only for the purification of the organism in general, but mainly to purify the liver and to purify the kidneys. In addition, for its diuretic action prevents or reduces fluid retention.

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