Benefits of chamomile for the skin

The chamomile It is one of those medicinal plants that are well known for their different healing qualities and health benefits, mainly because they have been used for a long time as a remedy to relieve indigestion and heavy digestion, help expel gas and flatulence, and reduce the discomfort caused by abdominal swelling as a result of having eaten in excess. But the truth is that its benefits for our health are not only there, since also provides incredible health properties for our skin.

As you surely know, chamomile is a medicinal plant also known by the names of common camomile or Marrona. From a scientific point of view it is known as Chamaemelum nobile, originally from northern Asia and western Europe. Today it is very easy to find it in meadows and places with herbs, as well as sandy soils and dry meadows.

Properties of chamomile for skin

Excellent natural anti-inflammatory

Chamomile has traditionally been used in the preparation of home remedies, creams, cosmetics and other skin products for its soothing action, besides being a excellent natural anti-inflammatory. Thus, chamomile stimulates the healing of minor wounds and inflammations of the skin, in a totally natural way.

It is, therefore, interesting in the natural treatment of various skin disorders, as for example is the case of eczema, especially in inflamed skin.

Ideal in the natural treatment of acne

The truth is that chamomile can become one of those natural remedies especially useful at the time of eliminate the grains naturally, thanks to your vasoconstrictive and anti-allergenic action.

A natural remedy for acne made from chamomile is simply to make a chamomile tea. For this you must boil the equivalent of a cup of water in a saucepan, so that when it reaches the boiling point add a teaspoon of chamomile flowers. Leave boiling 3 minutes, to spend this time put out the fire, cover and let rest 5 minutes. You just have to soak a cotton ball in this tea and apply it on the face.

Useful against oily hair

If your hair is usually excess of capillary fat, chamomile can become an ally, as it is useful for balance the fatty scalps, in addition to helping Revitalize and strengthen hair in a totally natural way

To enjoy this quality just add a little chamomile tea to your usual shampoo when you use it, apply to your hair and remove with warm water.

Helps relieve burns

In case of minor burns, as for example the burns suffered by having taken the sun without the proper solar protection, chamomile helps soothe discomfort thanks to its refreshing and anti-inflammatory action. It also presents antiseptic qualities and helps relieve pain by the presence of anodyne.

To enjoy this refreshing quality just put the chamomile tea in a glass bottle and leave a few hours in the fridge. Then soak the cotton and apply on the burnt skin.

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