Benefits of eating raisins on an empty stomach

Do you know that it is actually extremely beneficial to eat a handful of nuts every day? They are natural foods, very rich in essential nutrients and that provide interesting benefits when caring for our cardiovascular system. In fact, eating 25 grams of walnuts, almonds or pistachios each day helps us to take care of our heart, they are useful to reduce the levels of cholesterol and high triglycerides, and help to reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

The raisins, are undoubtedly some nuts as nutritious as delicious. As you surely know, and as their own name indicates, they consist of past grapes, which have been subjected to drying and dehydration processes in order to reduce their water content. This turns raisins into a food extremely rich in carbohydrates, very sweet and with the characteristic dark color, which stand out for its great energetic power, quite similar - to be precise - to which the delicious ones contribute dried figs.

An excellent way to enjoy the different benefits and properties of these delicious nuts, is eat raisins soaked in fasting, every morning. A traditional remedy that is not only very beneficial against constipation.

Properties of raisins soaking meals fasting

Natural remedy against constipation

If you usually suffer from constipation you may have already opted for many natural remedies, but have you tried eat raisins on an empty stomach? They stand out without doubt for their high fiber content, which helps at the time of enjoy good intestinal health.

In this sense, eating a handful of raisins every day soaking every morning, especially on an empty stomach, is a traditional remedy that is very appropriate in cases of constipation, since helps improve and regulate intestinal transit. This quality increases when you eat raisins accompanied by a yogurt, which also improves and restores our intestinal flora.

Helps purify the body and eliminate toxins

Although our organism has natural mechanisms for its natural cleansing, and for the elimination of toxins (in this sense they emphasize the important work done by both the liver and the kidneys), it is always appropriate to help in this process.

In this sense, raisins stand out, since by helping to detoxify and clean the liver they become an interesting natural remedy to purify our organism.

Very rich in antioxidants

Did you know Raisins are very rich in natural antioxidants? They stand out especially for their content in bioflavonoids, which protect our cells from the negative action of free radicals.

Raisins help us prevent the onset of chronic or serious diseases, such as cancer, as well as cardiovascular diseases.

They are a wonderful source of energy

Raisins are excellent in the morning because they are very rich in carbohydrates, so they become a natural option especially useful when it comes to provide energy to our body. They are not only useful in fasting, we can also choose to consume them in the middle of the morning, when the typical morning slump usually occurs.

For this benefit, they are interesting for anyone who needs an extra energy contribution, especially for students and athletes.

How to eat raisins on an empty stomach

There are different ways to eat raisins on an empty stomach. A simple option is to eat them raw, accompanied with a glass of tea or with one of your favorite infusions.

Another option more laborious, but much more beneficial, is to choose to put them in soak for a few hours, which in turn will allow you to enjoy the qualities that gives you the raisin water. To do this you just have to heat a little water, and add the equivalent of half a cup of raisins. Let soak for 15 minutes. Then wash the raisins well with clean, cold water. Put a cup of water in a saucepan and let it boil. Meanwhile, place the dried raisins in the cup, and when the water starts to boil, add it to the cup where the raisins are. Leave to soak for 24 hours.

You can also choose to accompany the raisins with a natural yogurt. It is as simple as adding the yogurt to a bowl and incorporating a handful of raisins on top. It becomes a wonderful breakfast !.

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