Benefits of the Japanese facelift, do you know them?

Directly from Asia come many remedies related to beauty and aesthetics. And is that Japanese women follow ancestral beauty rituals since they are girls. Hence they have a porcelain skin and appear much younger than they actually have.

The Japanese lifting It can already be found in some centers in Spain. We explain what it is and what its benefits are.

What is Japanese lifting

Also called the facelift without surgery is a non-surgical stretch that tones the face and strengthens the facial physiognomy. It is an intense massage that offers various benefits such as increased blood flow, lymphatic drainage and increased collagen and elastin. The skin breathes, is healthy and rejuvenated. Although its natural results could be attributed to a type of invasive lifting, it is not, since it is totally natural.

The technique is based on the combination of a set of 54 facial maneuvers that come from millenary techniques of Japanese culture and that deals with various skin conditions.

Main benefits of the Japanese lifting

Stimulation of collagen and elastin. To renew, the skin needs collagen and nothing better than to stimulate it to appear naturally. In this case, and thanks to the Japanese facelift, the skin cells react to the stimulations performed in the massage and increase the production of collagen.

Firm muscles. Another advantage is that it keeps the muscles of the face firm. This reduces or prevents the appearance of certain lines of expression or wrinkles that appear due to the passage of time and other adverse and external problems.

Activates blood circulation. The movements of the massage in the Japanese lifting allow an activation of the circulation, since the capillaries deliver nutrients efficiently.

Relaxation and well-being Not only offers benefits to stop the passage of time in the face. This massage manages to end stress and accumulated tensions in the body, especially in the face that make the signs of expression accumulate and seem more tired than normal.

Reduce facial blemishes It is another of the benefits of this lifting combining massage with essential oils or other active ingredients.

Smoother and hydrated skin. One of the results of this natural lifting is that the skin breathes. And with it appears softer, smoother, hydrated, shiny and smooth. In short, much healthier.

Improves hormone levels The Japanese facelift brings more advantages. It also improves the hormonal level in the body and helps to vitalize the different systems of the body.

Without surgery. It is the great advantage of this type of facial treatment. Not going through surgery is a natural and non-invasive technique. In this way, there is no pain, nor scars, no intervention, nor time in a clinic, nor recovery time.

Massage on face and neck. The massage is done on the face and also on the neck, something that allows this area to also relax and be more active to cell regeneration.

To consider

In the various phases of the Japanese lifting we must highlight the deep cleansing of the skin. First, an exfoliant is recommended to eliminate dead skin cells.

After this, the skin is stretched, the skin of the face and muscles are always raised from the deepest layers. With this the facial oval is redefined, wrinkles, bags and other lines of expression are hidden.

When is it necessary?

We have already seen some of the benefits offered by this Japanese facial massage. Therefore, it can be applied to multiple situations and problems.

When we need to stimulate circulation, to reshape the oval of the face. To deal with the wrinkles that come out over time and also to prevent them, when we need to reaffirm tissues of the neck, chin and face in general, to deflate the tissues, when we need a massage in a time of stress, when we need to detoxify tissues , to properly hydrate the skin, to oxygenate the tissues, when it is necessary to stimulate the collagen to renew the skin, if it is advised to improve circulation, etc.

Japanese Acupressure Rejuvenation FACE LIFT (May 2023)