Benefits of the Tibetan bowl: vibratory magic

The Tibetan bowls or singers Today they become an especially useful tool when it comes to practicing relaxation, meditation or various exercise techniques such as yoga. They are also known by other names: singing bowl, Himalayan bowl or rin gong.

Although its origin is really unknown, as we mentioned in a previous article in which we reviewed the history of Tibetan bowls, the truth is that historically they have been manufactured in Tibet, Nepal, China, Bhutan, Japan, China and Korea.

They consist of a bowl-shaped metal device whose sides and edges tend to vibrate when struck or rubbed with a mallet, and the edges are run with the help of a wooden mallet or stick.

As we discovered in the article dedicated to uses of the Tibetan bowl, although they have always been used in the practice of Buddhism and have traditionally been related to religious practices (for example, they were a symbol of offering), at present it contributes interesting Benefits when it comes to practicing meditation, relaxation and, above all, enjoying a better natural well-being.

History and origin of the Tibetan bowl

In the West, bowls have been known for only 40 years, but history began in antiquity at least 3,000 years ago.

The Tibetan bowls have a very unclear origin since their existence has been preserved very much from the beginning, but most likely it comes from the fusion of two cultures such as the Buddhist and the Shamanic; Pre Buddhist Shamanica Bon Po.

In antiquity the Buddhists kept secret the use of these sacred bowls, they considered it a taboo subject due to the amount of beneficial properties that they obtained with the Tibetan bowls.

One of the stories that surround the creation of these bowls has to do with the fall of a meteorite in a village.

From the remains found in the meteorite, a natural alloy of several metals was discovered. With these metals a bowl was made for the sacred offerings of the Buddhists

From there they realized the sound it provided by making it sound with a wooden stick. They began to use it and obtained numerous benefits and one of them was reflected in the pregnant women who ate from the bowls, said bowls provided a large amount of essential minerals for pregnant women.

It is also said that Tibetan bowls served as receptacles for animal sacrificial rituals and as musical instruments used by peasants in yesteryear although traditionally the bowls were used for meditation and healing in monasteries of monks.

According to Gwalwa Karmaza who is a Tibetan Bodhisattva teacher the singing bowls of Tibet emit the sound of emptiness, they deal with the time of the historical buddha, Shakyamuni which is the sound of the universe manifesting itself.

At the beginning the bowls were made in an artisanal way but the tradition says that they must be formed by the combination of seven metals: silver, gold, mercury, tin, lead, copper and iron and forged by hand.

After the foundry of the seven metals, the lamas that were master craftsmen, were shaped with blows with a hammer to form a bowl or bowl as we know it today.

The countries that continue to create such bowls are Asians such as Nepal or India.

Qualities and properties of Tibetan bowls

Main Benefits of Tibetan bowls they come derived above all from the sound that they produce when rubbing or hitting them and above all by keeping it more or less stable with the help of the aforementioned wooden stick. As it happens -for example- with the benefits of music and music therapy itself.

Here we summarize what are the main properties of the Tibetan bowl:

  • It helps relieve stress and reduce anxiety.
  • Improves concentration, being useful for students or for the practice of relaxation and meditation.
  • It balances the cerebral hemispheres, stimulating the activity of alpha waves.
  • Ideal to get a deeper meditation.
  • It helps to balance and clean both the chakras and the aura.
  • By vibrating the pituitary or the pituitary it helps to balance the endocrine system.
  • Relieves headaches.
  • Improve creativity

In addition to the benefits indicated above, Tibetan bowls are also useful when cleaning rooms and houses at the energy level, cleaning the environment. ThemesRelaxation

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