Birch essential oil: its wonderful benefits and contraindications

The birch It is used in aromatherapy, thanks to the fact that birch essential oil It has important benefits and properties. It is a really big tree that is distinguished by the different and different catkins that it looks. In fact, some of its hundred different varieties can reach up to twenty-five meters in height.

It is also known by the names of white birch or birch pendulum, known scientifically with the name Betula pendula. It belongs to the Betulaceae family, and in this sense we must emphasize that the different birch species have similar characteristics and properties.

Its flowers, which by the way, are also used in phytotherapy, form a species of hanging inflorescences that cause winged achenes, while the buds are arranged in the extremitity of the ramifications.

This is the time when the birch blooms, since it mainly flowers in spring, and precisely in this article we will know what are the virtues and the use of the birch in herbal medicine.

The birch can be very used in aromatherapy through its essential oil, which contains a series of properties and benefits quite prominent.

Among these most interesting properties, we can find that the essential oil of birch is antiseptic, analgesic, depurative, astringent, diuretic, tonic, disinfectant and insecticide.

The active principles of birch

  • The sheets contain tannins, phytocids and a flavonic derivative, which can be used as germicides, so they are also diuretic and choleretic.
  • The yolks contain a volatile oil, and the bark is used in the treatment of respiratory tract conditions, being ideal for example in home remedies for influenza.
  • Also, the buds of the birch are indicated in cases of fluid retention, in arthritism (being able to eliminate excess uric acid), in diseases of the skin caused by impurities in the blood, and in joint inflammations.

Properties of birch essential oil

This means that it has an energized effect capable of animating the mood of the people, and in the body it helps to purify the organism at a general level, cleansing the blood, stimulating the functioning of the sweat glands, and helping the body in the elimination of harmful toxins.

It is ideal for example in colds or flu, since it helps purify the lymphatic system, contributing in turn to slow the progress of an infection.

Its different diuretic properties can be effective against obesity, although also against dropsy and cellulitis.

In addition, it is capable of eliminate the accumulation of uric acid in the joints, and by increasing the production of urine, it eliminates a large amount of organic waste, dissolving bladder and kidney stones.

On the other hand, in relation to the leaves and buds of the birch itself, they are indicated precisely in dropsy (fluid retention), in arthritism, respiratory diseases, skin diseases caused by impurities in the blood, as hair bleach and in the treatment of dandruff (in its domestic use), and in joint inflammations.

And what are its contraindications and side effects?

Before using it, keep in mind that it is a really strong oil, which can irritate delicate skins. That is why it should be used sparingly.

In normal and adequate doses, birch is a safe natural medicinal option. Otherwise it happens with the ingestion or external application of its essential oil.

However, its use is discouraged in case of:

  • Pregnancy.
  • Breastfeeding.
  • Dropsy treatment.

As indicated in the previous section, in normal doses the birch does not present contraindications or side effects. But its essential oil, which is not advisable to be used in high doses for its content of methyl salicylate. ThemesEssential oils

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