Bitter eggplants: how to eliminate bitterness easily with 3 tricks

It's quite likely that the first time you cooked the eggplant, either alone (fried and breaded or grilled) or accompanied in a recipe, you might be surprised taste bitter and tasteless to the point that it made you wrinkle the gesture. Even if its flavor was stronger it could be the case that you had to throw in a napkin the bite you gave.

The truth is that this bitter touch is found in the pulp of the aubergines, whether raw or cooked. That is to say, it does not matter if we grill them, bake them or fry them in abundant oil; They will always have that bitter taste.

Of course, we must bear in mind that aubergines are a seasonal food, so their flavor will become even more bitter at the end of the season (the best time is between May and June, although their season tends to lengthen a little more until early fall).

Why does aubergine become bitter?

The reason why the flavor of the aubergines is bitter is not precisely because these vegetables are bitter. The reason is found in the juice contained in its pulp, which is what becomes bitter when we split or peel, and comes into contact with the air.

Moreover, in its pulp we find antioxidant components, mainly responsible for its qualities and benefits, but also the "culprits" of its slightly bitter taste, since when they come in contact with the air they tend to oxidize.

The result that we find when consuming them is evident: a bitter taste that sometimes also becomes slightly spicy.

How to remove the bitterness of eggplants?

The fact that the aubergines turn bitter and slightly spicy when peeling or splitting them to prepare them in the kitchen does not mean that we necessarily have to eat them with that flavor.

In fact, did you know that there are 3 simple tricks with which you will be able to reduce that bitter touch? You obviously do not have to repeat the 3, just choose between the one you like (or the one that gives you the best result).

Adding a little fine salt

It is possibly one of the most commonly used natural remedies when it comes to eliminating the annoying and uncomfortable bitterness of aubergines: use fine salt and let them rest for a while. It is a simple and really effective method.

To make it, you only need to cut the aubergines into slices. Put a large drainer over a bowl and place the aubergines cut into sheets forming a layer. Add a layer of fine salt, place another layer of aubergines and add salt again. So on until you finish with the aubergines.

Allow 15 to 30 minutes for the aubergines to drain their juice. After this time, drain well in cold water to remove all excess salt. Lists! Now you can cook them normally.

Soaking with milk

Another equally effective and traditional trick is to use fine salt and a little milk. On this occasion what we do is cut the aubergines into thin slices or elongated pieces (according to our taste).

We place them in a large bowl and then add milk until they are covered and salt is abundant. Cover and let them soak for 30 minutes. Then, after the time, we drain and rinse well in cold water.

Adding flour

It is the last of the basic cooking tricks that we can use when it comes to eliminating the bitterness of eggplants. But in this case we must substitute milk for flour.

It is as simple as putting water in a large bowl and quite fine salt. Then add flour and leave to soak for 30 minutes the aubergines (either cut into slices or large pieces, according to taste).

After this time drain them and clean them well, rinse them in cold water and ready !. Let's cook. This article is published for informational purposes only. It can not and should not replace the consultation with a Physician. We advise you to consult your Trusted Doctor.

How to Remove Bitterness from Eggplant (June 2024)