Brittle and scaly nails: causes and natural treatment of cucumber

The nail they become one of the parts of the hands that women most tend to take care of, since they are characterized by being a true symbol of expression for many women. But they are also indicative of how we are in health.

Why? Fundamentally because the good health of our nails depends on the health of our body in general, which translates into having flaked fingernails or fragile nails it can be a symptom -or indicative- of a disease, disorder or nutritional deficit, or an alteration in the organism.

Also follow a poor diet, especially when there are nutritional deficits of vitamins and minerals, usually causes not only health problems, but also problems in our nails, appearing especially brittle, fragile and scaly nails.

Although it is a problem that can also be caused by other circumstances.

What are brittle and scaly nails?

It is the tendency of the nails to break, fracture or break very easily. That is, they are weak nails that tend to break easily and quickly.

What are the causes of brittle nails?

There are different causes that can cause us to have brittle nails. The most common and common are the following:

  • Traumatic processes
  • Microbial infections or fungi.
  • Use of chemical products (alkaline detergents and solvents).
  • Use of aggressive manicure, enamels or hardeners with much formaldehyde content.
  • Use of abrasive or poorly formulated nail polish removers.
  • Inadequate nutrition and nutritional deficits in vitamins and minerals.

Treatment of brittle nails

The treatment for the problem of brittle nails must go through the treatment itself to solve the disorder or disease that has caused its appearance.

For example, if the cause has been an inadequate diet or diet, the correct thing is for the specialist to indicate a varied and balanced diet, and recommend the consumption of nutritional supplements to overcome the nutritional deficit.

In case it is due to the use of nail polish removers or manicures to which our nails are sensitive, the key is to change the product.

Natural cucumber treatment for brittle nails

The cucumber It is a vegetable that in addition to benefit internally with its properties is also beneficial in case of fragility in the nails. But let's go in parts. From a nutritional point of view, there is no doubt that it is an extremely healthy food, being especially rich in water, vitamins (such as vitamin A, E, B1, B2, B3 and C) and minerals (such as magnesium, potassium, sodium, phosphorus, calcium and iron).

But from a point of view of the most natural beauty, as we already knew in a previous article in which we talked about the cucumber for the skin, is an ideal food because applied on the skin helps both to rehydrate and soften it, giving it a fresh and smooth texture. In addition, applied on the eyes helps correct dark circles.

However, this time we want to look at the benefits of cucumber for fragile nails, a very common problem that is also known by the name of brittle nails, and that are characterized by breaking easily or by opening up ahead. Their causes are in fact very varied: although it is common that they appear with aging, being a normal result of the passage of years, they can also arise as a consequence of injuries, infections and certain diseases (for example of thyroid, liver or kidneys). ).

Cucumber properties for brittle and brittle nails

If you suffer from fragile and brittle nails, there is no doubt that cucumber could become your great friend. Why? Very easy: Helps strengthen nails and prevent them from breaking easily when they become fragile.

This quality is found above all in its content in silica, a mineral especially useful for maintaining good health of the nails, besides being useful both for the health of the bones and for other tissues of our body.

How to apply cucumber on nails

To apply the cucumber on our nails we will need to have a blender with which to extract its juice.

Once we have extracted its juice we put it inside a wide container in which we can submerge with comfort the nails to leave them a little bit of soaking every day.

Five minutes a day will be enough to strengthen the nails. ThemesNail

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