Calculate correct dose of Apiretal according to age and weight of the child

If there is a medication that is very helpful to most parents, especially from 3 years of age, because of its effectiveness and usefulness in relieving or relieving mild pain and lowering a high fever, that is the Apiretal.

If you're a dad or mom, you probably already know that Apiretal is an analgesic and antipyretic, extremely useful at the time of lowering the high temperature (in febrile states), as well as to relieve mild to moderate pain, thanks to its content in paracetamol.

Correct dose of Apiretal according to age and weight of the child

Although the Apiretal can be given to the child from 3 kg. of weight (which would be practically from birth), pediatricians advise not to give Apiretal to children under 3 years. And always consult the doctor before giving it to him when the child is less than this age.

According to the original prospectus of this medication, the recommended dose based on the child's weight and age is the one indicated below:

Weight of the child Aproximated age) Volume in ml. Amount of mg. of paracetamol Equivalent in drops
Up to 4 kgfrom 0 to 3 months0.6 ml60 mg15 drops
Up to 8 kgfrom 4 to 11 months1.2 ml120 mg30 drops
Up to 10.5 kgfrom 12 to 23 months1.6 ml160 mg40 drops
Up to 13 kgfrom 2 to 3 years2.0 ml200 mg50 drops
Up to 18.5 kgfrom 4 to 5 years2.8 ml280 mg—-
Up to 24 kgfrom 6 to 8 years3.6 ml360 mg—-
Up to 32 kgfrom 9 to 10 years4.8 ml480 mg—-

As we already mentioned on a previous occasion, It is always advisable to follow the guidelines and doses marked by the pediatricianIt is not advisable to exceed the number of doses or the quantity.

Further, the most common is to administer Apiretal every 6-8 hours(which is between 4 to 6 takes per day). In this sense, it must be taken into account that when the fever is very high, or the child is very upset, it is possible that the pediatrician indicates a shorter dosage as regards the administration of Apiretal, being possible to administer it every 4 days. hours (but always at a lower dose).

How to calculate the correct dose of Apiretal every 6-8 hours

Forever we must respect the dose indicated by the pediatrician, never exceeding us. However, if we do not have the correct dose table on hand, or we have missed the original package insert, did you know that it is possible to calculate the correct dose based on the child's weight? For this it is necessary to start from a maximum: a child can take 15 mg. of paracetamol per kilo of weight every 6-8 hours (that is, 15mg / kg).

For this, we must take into account the following formula. The result that we will obtain will correspond to the dose to be administered every 6-8 hours:

Let's take a simple example: your son weighs 14 kg. If so, we must perform the following calculation:

0.15 x 14 kg = 2.1 ml of Apiretal

Therefore, the dose of Apiretal for your child, weighing 14 kg, is 2.1 ml every 6-8 hours.

How to calculate the dose of Apiretal every 4 hours

As we mentioned before, when your pediatrician recommends the administration of Apiretal every 4 hours (because the child is very upset and sore or because the fever is very high), it is possible to make a calculation regarding the correct dose for this period of time .

For these cases, we must take into account that every 4 hours the child can take 10 mg. of paracetamol per kilo of weight. That is, the formula would be the following:

Let's put a new example with our 14 kg son. The dose every 4 hours would be the following:

0.10 x 14 kg = 1.4 ml of Apiretal every 4 hours

Did you know that there are different types of Apiretal depending on the age of the child?

Depending on the age of the child it is possible to acquire different types or Apiretal presentations at the pharmacy:

  • For children under 3 years of age:It is advisable to use Apiretal solution of 15 or 30 ml. in drops. Inside the container you can find a drop-count to administer the correct solution.
  • For children over 3 years of age:It is advisable Apiretal solution from 60 to 90 ml. On this occasion we will find a dosing syringe.
  • Apiretal tablets:It is also possible to find it in tablets, which dissolve in the mouth. There are three presentations, 250 mg, 325 mg and 500 mg of paracetamol. Always from 14 kg. of weight.

This article is published for informational purposes only. You can not and should not replace the consultation with a Pediatrician. We advise you to consult your trusted pediatrician. ThemesAnalgesic

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