Calories of sausages

The sausages they are food products that, in a certain way, should be consumed with some moderation, as many doctors and specialists in nutrition and dietetics defend.

This is because they contain, as we will see below, a large amount of animal fats that, in excess, can even be very harmful to health.

For this reason, it may be useful to know what the calories of the sausages, to get an idea of ​​what kind we can consume, or in how many quantities.

Calories of sausages

Calories of sausages

Type of sausage


Beer inlay170
Goose foie gras245
Salmon ham115
York Ham130
Serrano ham (with fat edge)290
Serrano ham (without fat edge)182
Black blood sausage300
Turkey mortadella132
Liver pate315
Turkey pate149
Bird sausage105
Meat sausage295
Veal meat sausage267
Smoked veal sausage299

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