Calories of the artichoke

The artichoke It is characterized as a healthy and healthy food. Not in vain, many are the properties of the artichoke, that we can find in him in particular.

To name just a few simple examples, the artichoke It contributes a series of substances that help when it comes to purifying the liver, so that it becomes one of the essential foods when it comes to fighting against fatty liver and eliminating fat in the liver.

In addition, it is very good to purify the body, so it is interesting to follow many slimming diets, as it acts against fluid retention.

Also, and thanks above all to be a food rich in fiber, is interesting to promote intestinal transit.

But, within the different Food calories, which are the artichoke calories?.

Calories of the artichoke

  • 100 grams of artichoke provide only 21 calories.

This means that it is a very low calorie food, but nevertheless, high in benefits and health properties.

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Calories in Artichoke and Nutrition Facts (January 2021)