Can I eat expired yogurt?

Although until the year 2013 the law in force up to that moment (of 2003) obliged the manufacturers of yoghurts to mark a maximum expiration date of 28 days from its preparation, not recommending its consumption after said date, finally there was a change in the regulations after its repeal, so that now yogurt manufacturers can establish an appropriate preferential consumption date, the inclusion -in addition- of the expiration date is not mandatory.

And, how many times have we not found a yogurt forgotten in the fridge, already dated? And, what's more, of those times we probably all have asked ourselves if it would really be safe for our health to consume it or not? The truth is eat an expired yogurt It can pose many doubts, especially among those who doubt whether it can be a risk.

However, before answering the question of whether or not we can eat an expired yogurt, we must know the difference between the Preferential use date and the Date of Expiry, since it is evident that they are not the same although we usually tend to confuse them.

In the case of the preferred consumption date of a food, we find that it is the date indicated by the manufacturer of recommended consumption, during which the product does not lose its organoleptic properties (flavor, texture, aroma ...). This means that after this date it is possible that it loses some of its characteristics, but the product would be suitable for consumption. This date is established based on a series of scientific evidence and criteria.

At this point, if we find an expired yogurt in the fridge it is quite possible that we are assailed by the question of whether or not we can consume it safely. As many nutritionists and experts in microbiology say, a yogurt that only contains milk can be perfectly edible after a few months after its expiration date, as long as the lid remains properly sealed and has not remained refrigerated for many hours.

Why? Fundamentally because over time the fermentation of yogurt grows increasing in turn the acidity present in the medium, so that the ability of a polluting microorganism to grow decreases while the acidity increases. Of course, we must bear in mind that by increasing the acidity it is possible that its taste does not like us that much. So, it is possible to eat safely a yogurt that takes days or a few weeks expired.

In any case, although eating an expired yoghurt does not pose a health risk, it is clear that we must pay attention to its appearance: if it has an odd smell and / or taste, or we even find mold in the yogurt, they are more than clear that it is not suitable to consume it. This article is published for informational purposes only. You can not and should not replace the consultation with a Nutritionist. We advise you to consult your trusted Nutritionist.

Are Expired Foods Safe to Eat? (June 2023)