Can you use the sun creams from last year?

It may surprise you, but there are people who have been using the same sunscreen for decades. And surely you will ask yourself ... how can it be possible that they have not run out? Very simple: either because they do not put on, they get bad, or in short they put on very little. Although it is possible that you ask yourself another even more important question: is it really appropriate to use a sunscreen after so long after being bought?

As you surely know, the use of the photoresist whenever we go to sunbathe is fundamental, although the most appropriate is to always use the most appropriate according to our skin type. So, for example, if you have a very clear skin that never tans and burns easily your protection index should be higher than 50; If you have a skin that tans but burns easily, your protection index is between 25 to 40; And if you have skin that tans easily, your protection index is between 15 and 25.

Now that summer has arrived, it is possible that by going to the beach for the first time you have met the last year's sunscreen, which is very common and usual that we leave half of a year for the other (especially if we buy new at the beginning of summer).

The question at this point is simple, can we continue using it a year after we bought it? The truth is It is not advisable to use open creams of one year for the other, given that during the summer days (when we go to the beach or the pool, for example), we usually expose them to environmental conditions that are certainly extreme, so that the temperatures that they tend to reach do not guarantee the capacity of both protection and stability of the product.

Thus, the actual sun protection factor would not correspond finally to that indicated on the product's packaging, so that its protection would not be adequate for our skin type, having a higher risk of sunburn.

Image | Kirt Edblom

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