Care for fall

There is no doubt that the autumn it is a season of change, of transformations, which not only tends to cause a change in our surroundings due to the arrival of cold or bad weather, but in ourselves can cause changes in our mood and physical state.

When the autumnIt is common for many people to suffer what has come to be called autumnal depression  (or autumnal asthenia), which is characterized because the individual, for a few days or weeks, feels down and sad due mainly to the change of schedules and the less existence of light.

Therefore, it is useful and interesting to know what care for autumn we must adopt, to take care of ourselves internally and that the change of season does not affect us as much.

Care for fall

  • At this time, start increase defenses it is a vital advice, which helps us to better face not only the seasonal change itself, but also the change in temperature and time.
  • Sleep as necessary. Resting well is synonymous with good health, and helps us cope better with autumn. Of course, always avoid going to sleep and sleep enough hours.
  • Exercise, it is ideal to enjoy a healthy life and, with it, we can also enjoy the beauty of this season, especially if you practice away from the city.
  • Relax and enjoy the autumn evenings, remember that you can always find something good. In this case, you can face autumn as a change for the better, as a transformation that, internally and psychologically, will gradually see its results.
  • Open the essentials to avoid getting bad.
  • Remember to always follow a balanced, healthy and healthy diet. In these moments it is a very good idea to enjoy seasonal foods, such as figs or mushrooms.

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