Celery juice

We recently talked to you about a total of 10 foods to eliminate toxins whose properties or nutritional virtues help our organism, in a natural way, precisely to that: a eliminate toxins and to purify those wastes that our body does not need.

Among these foods, not only are the depurative fruits, but also the depurative vegetables, vegetables Y vegetables, among which we can meet with the wonderful celery.

Celery is one of the most recommended foods in the purification of the kidneys, thanks to the fact that it is a food able to stimulate its depurative function and help in the depurative process of our organism.

It is also suitable when it comes to purifying the liver, being suitable for removing fat from the liver as a result of the appearance of the so-called fatty liver.

In addition to consuming it in the form of delicious salads or in a wide variety of healthy and healthy recipes, it is also ideal to take it in the form of celery juice.

How to prepare celery juice

Main ingredients

  • 1 celery
  • 1 liter of water

Steps to make celery juice

1. First wash and cut the celery.

2. Beat or liquefy the celery, and mix with the liter of water.

3. Finally you can take between meals, sweetening it to taste.

Properties of celery juice

  • Great depurative power.
  • Rich in minerals, such as sodium, potassium and calcium.
  • It helps purify the kidneys, liver and lungs.
  • Tonic for the nervous system.
  • Slimming virtues, thanks to its low caloric content and its depurative power.
  • Remineralizing properties.

If you want to know more about its most important benefits, you can continue reading about the properties of celery.

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