Cellular nutrition

The one named as the Cell nutrition is a type of nutrition that is mainly based on provide the body with the essential nutrients we need every day (vitamins, minerals and amino acids), that we do not obtain from food and food that we follow daily.

It basically consists of add these essential nutrients in the proper proportion and quantity, so that they do not become harmful nutrients for the human body due to excessive consumption.

Not in vain, the cellular nutrition itself It comprises the set of processes through which cells exchange both matter and energy with their environment.

In this sense, institutions like the Institute of Active Cellular Nutrition (I.N.C.A.), argues that medical research conducted throughout the world show that both the contribution of optimal amounts of nutrients and the nutritional and nutritional correction can be more than enough to improve certain health disorders.

What is cell nutrition?

Taking into account that Cellular nutrition is based on the supply of vitamins, minerals and trace elements in an adequate proportion and quantity, that our body does not obtain naturally from food, there is no doubt that one of its main objectives is supply natural nutrients to each person according to their personal needs, achieving the organic balance that guarantees an optimal state of health.

Given that you can run the risk of exceeding the consumption of these essential nutrients, it is essential that the treatment indicated by cellular nutrition is supervised and controlled by a doctor.

The Cell nutrition He argues that with the current cultivation methods, and with the period that elapses between their transport and storage, the nutrients of the natural foods are finally deteriorated, with which they reach our homes but in a lower number of nutrients.

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cellular nutrition presentation (June 2021)