Cerumen in the ears: what to do to remove the wax easily

Maintaining a care and cleaning of our ears is essential, since in this way we will be able to more or less effectively avoid hearing problems, and especially the annoying, uncomfortable and painful ear infection.

But not only is it necessary to maintain adequate hygiene, it is also essential to take care of them externally to avoid hearing loss, which increasingly occurs at younger ages.

How could we take care of our ears externally? Actually, it's very simple. First of all we should not abuse the headphones, and if we use them, rest half an hour for every 2 hours we use them, lower the volume of what we are listening to and remove them immediately if we feel a kind of whistling in the ears (this is the symptom that will indicate us that we have been using them for a very long time).

But did you know that we tend to make many mistakes when we clean our ears internally? Believe it or not, the ear swabs they may not be adequate, especially if we use them inappropriately (which is probably what we are always doing).

In fact, we should only use them to clean the outer part of the ear, and never enter them in the ear canal, since we run the risk of causing lacerations and dangerous traumatisms that could end up triggering otitis or infection in the ear canal.

What is cerumen that appears in the ears?

Although at first we think about the ear wax As an uncomfortable "visitor" of our ears, unhygienic and annoying, the truth is that fulfills two important functions. On the one hand helps fight infections that could damage the skin inside the ear canal since it contains special chemical substances that fulfill this purpose.

On the other hand, acts as a true shield between the eardrum and the outside world, so that the wax is able to catch dirt, dust and other strange things that get into our ear. Let's say that the wax helps them to not move further inwardly.

It is manufactured in the external auditory canal in a completely natural way thanks to the presence of special glands that produce it. It consists of a yellowish substance and waxy appearance that is secreted by our ear in order to cleanse, lubricate and protect the ear.

How to remove cerumen from our ears properly?

Maintain adequate daily hygiene

The truth is that It is common and normal for the wax to disappear from our ears alone, since it is usual that in a completely natural way the ears expel it when we bathe and wash our hair.

Therefore, every time we are in the shower, it is adequate Carefully wet your ear in the shower always with warm water. Then clean the outer area of ​​the ear with the help of a thin towel.

Apply a solution of water and salt

It is a truly effective natural method, which also stands out for being easy to elaborate and apply. You only need a spoonful of salt and a half cup of water. To prepare it you just have to heat the water and mix the salt in it.

When it is warm, soak a small cotton ball, tilt the ear upwards and squeeze a few drops of this solution into it.

Opt for hydrogen peroxide

The peroxide It is also another of the natural options to eliminate earwax, probably the most popular and known. And its preparation and application is equally simple.

You only need to mix the oxygenated water of a low percentage (between 3% or 4%) with the same amount of water in a cup. For example, mix half a cup of water in half a cup of hydrogen peroxide or hydrogen peroxide.

Use a small cotton ball, soak it in the mixture and squeeze a few drops of it into the ears. This article is published for informational purposes only. It can not and should not replace the consultation with a Physician. We advise you to consult your Trusted Doctor.

GIANT EAR WAX REMOVAL | Dr. ER (December 2023)