Chamomile for hair

The chamomile It is one of those extremely healthy and natural plants that are ideal for different health disorders, as is the case of stomach discomfort caused by gas or heavy digestion.

These are, mainly, some of the most basic virtues by which the chamomile It is popularly known.

Although it is also known that chamomile It is extremely good from an aesthetic point of view, being interesting the chamomile for hair.

Chamomile for hair

The chamomile It is a plant recommended for people who have light or blond hair, as it helps to clarify hair color and maintain its shine.

It is ideal precisely at the time of clarifying some shades the hair, so that this allows many women to enjoy a much lighter hair without having to use for it chemical products that can burn it.

Chamomile rinse for hair

The chamomile rinse for hair It is precisely ideal for lightening hair.

To make the rinse, just 2 heaping tablespoons of chamomile herb, half a cup of water and 3 teaspoons of neutral soap.

You must put all the ingredients in a pot to boil for five minutes. After showering, you can rinse your hair with the resulting liquid.

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